Andrewg, I challenge Thee

In Super Mario Bros.

This was on Digg. Someone claims to have beaten SMB1 without getting a single coin. Andrewg, seeing as how you're damn good at Mario Brothers, I suggest that you try it... in the name of bragging rights!

I thought that would be impossible. There are many places in the game where you are practically forced to collect a coin...
But it seems somebody has managed to go through the game without collecting a single coin.

That impresses me even more than a speedrun. I'd like to see a video of that.

Coin-less Mario playage?

Of course, that being a quote from the SMB3 cartoons. Not the SMB Supershow. The one that always started out with the little passage from the Mario Bible.

tied it before, i beat it getting 3 coins i believe, my mistake in 8-1. I am not sure, but i think you can beat it with only 1 coin. Not sure about 0 coins though... my NES is being weird lately, so i cant even play, actually i need a new cord. i will check the link though.

EDIT: never thought about using a goomba to get accross the gap.

in 4-2, it is actually easily possible taking the vine to leave the level getting 0 coins.

without the use of glitch i actually got 3 coins... i figured out a few things by myself... i never used a walljump or alternate pipe glitch.

i figured my own way to get to the pipe in 8-4, one that seems kind of hard but actually is not.

using their techniques i could do it... it would be a little challanging though.

Do it! We're behind ya!

i would if i could, i need to buy a cord...

i know i can do it... it doesn't look all that difficult.

hahah I'm sure you can do it andrewg

everybody has their own special talent...yours is 0wning on SMB haha

ok, so my NES is working... i got to 8-1 without using a glitch or getting a coin and accidentally hit an invisble one... so im going to try again...

Keep at it! And try to post a movie of it. Preferably with a popcorn and drink combo included. Medium, please.

And make sure it has surround sound. Dolby surround sound. Can't have the full theatre experience without it.

Keep at it! And try to post a movie of it. Preferably with a popcorn and drink combo included. Medium, please.

And make sure it has surround sound. Dolby surround sound. Can't have the full theatre experience without it.
Sounds good, you're always gaurenteed DTS 5.1 surround sound, escpecially when you're recording from TV>VHS>WMV. Thats always a crystal clear quality experience.

if i do this, should i basically do a speedrun of it, or should i just get no coins? 8-1 is kind of hard, so i actually might need some practice. i'll keep you guys posted.

Well, speedrun it if you want, but the only actual Goal is to get no coins.

this is proving to be difficult. I do not have much time to do this, becuase of a bunch of different things going on. I kind of dont want to do this because I want to speedrun some things that I could send to SDA. if i do a no coin run I cannot send it anywhere. I'll do this when i have some more time.

seems like you're doing it to have your name on a website rather than doing it for fun. if you ask me, that's pretty, uhh.... not cool.

umm... not really. i find speedruns more enjoyable though, and the end product is always pretty cool. getting no coins is not as enjoyable as speedrunning, although it would have a great product. sending it to SDA is soo people could see it though. A no coin run could take maybe the same time as it takes to complete a speedrun. Not too many people would see the no coin run though and a speedrun a lot more people would. a speedrun is a lot more fun and I also figure out how fast the game can be beaten by a person. with a no coin run, I can see by that website that it can be done, so i do not need to prove anything to myself.

I will get around to doing the no coin run, but i enjoy speedrunning a lot more.

i usually make videos in general to entertain people but i have fun with it, so it all works out good.

EDIT: I mean I made this video yesterday instead of doing a no coin run, and it turned out to be fun and i discovered a couple new things.

Wow, that's a huge post in order to say "I like to speedrun"...

I have to admit, reading that post aloud, and to myself, both methods broke my brain.
I find myself, when playing this game, often having problems not leaving the run button alone. And it always seems to get me into trouble. For some reason, it helps in the sticky pit areas of 8-1, though; I just soar over those two jumps near the end.

yeah, sorry about the long post. i was kind of rambling.