Even better Best Mario Video EVER

In Super Mario Bros.

Here we go boys and girl!

Basically it's a simultaneous speedrun by two guys on side-by-side monitors. Very entertaining. Very race.
The ending will have you on the edge of your seat (even if you are not even sitting - it's just that good)!

oh man!

that was a close race!

The music ruled . I can't believe that... well watch it and find out!

yeah, i saw that a few weeks ago. it was pretty cool.


that made me "lol"

Good to know.

I Watched that, pretty awesome how close they were at the end.

if anyone was interested, here is jason harmer's fastest time.

That was pretty damn close

i cant tell who actually finished first. anyone know?

Guy on the right finished first.

By the way, that Harmer guy got hung up by a pipe on one of the 8th world levels. I think that hurt his time a tad.

Sweetness. I didnt even see the whole thing though.

Ok now I've seen the whole thing. Amaze-er-atin'. Completely synched at the end. And then the darknedd fades to reveal the players as none other than the Mario Brothers themselves.

---On a further note, I would say the screen on the right was finished just slightly before the left.

Sassafrass. Hmm. Anyhow I don't think any of the guys who have been mentioned in this could have beat Mike Fireball. (AKA Mike Westfall) He once had his own Mario Completion video on his site, Poprocksandcoke.com, in which he completed the whole thing in under 5 minutes, no mushrooms, no stars, completely amazing. Sadly, poprocksandcoke was demolished when Mike moved his talents to progressive boink. In fact, Fireball's the reason I tried to develop my ".

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Because that's how I roll. And by that's how I roll. I mean it's because I'm retarded.

At least I'm talking about the topic.

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I second that!

Before a flame war starts, I would like to reaffirm that when one of our members uses a " ", we actually only joking...

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Nice, they're playing Less Than Jake in the background.

Ok, I finally got to see the video (Not using my dial up this moment). Gripping, and I was left in suspense right up to the end.

Just when I thought I couldn't be more entertained I got to page two of this thread.