A Good Mario Hack?

In Super Mario Bros.

Came across a little NES hack called "Super Mario Adventure" that is supposed to be incredible. Unfortunately, I'm at work right now, and can't try it out, but definitely give it a go and tell me what I'm missing out on.

Link updated! 03.20.06

Wow man, hurry up and get home! That's got to be the best SMB3 hack I've ever seen. It's VERY well done, and there's actually a purpose to collecting coins now, as opposed to just get 100 and you get an extra life. SMW elements (in terms of items, though I forgot to try that out), Shyguys, Bullet Bills that get shot out in more than one (one cannon shot 3 of them at me at once!). It seems like your lives are infinite, which is alright because it's pretty damn tough. I was having trouble on one of the levels, and had to keep doing it over. After about... mmm... the fifth time trying it, the background was black, like it was night time! After failing again, it was snowing, and there was ice all over the level! I failed again, and it was night time with no ice, then I think I beat that world after that... pretty damn cool that it incorporates how long you're spending on the levels! It seems that you fight Boom-Boom at the end of every level as well, at least on the first world. I couldn't figure out if there was a certain way to save or not, so I save-stated for now.

This game is COMPLETELY redone! Everyone should give this a shot, and it's already been patched to boot... so no complaining about the patch not working

TIP: The plants will still come out of the pipe if you are standing on top of the pipe... standing next to the pipe makes them stay down it seems, but not when you're on top.

Donwloaded, will try out later.

This hack is a good one! EVERYTHING is redone not like other half assed hacks that contain only a level or two. I love the animated backgrounds and the fact that the palette\weather changes almost everytime you go into the level. You can easily tell that there is a lot of additions to the game just by the fact that it is double the size of a normal SMB3 NES ROM.

Only gave it a quick go for now but this hack already looks like the best I've ever seen. Just looking at the manual got me excited! Seems like there's a ton of new ideas in there.

Just got around to playing this....

It is really impressive!!!! The game REALLY IS completely re-done! I only fooled around on the first level a little while but WOW......

Have you tried it yet ZombieHunterX?

I tried it out. So... addicted...

Still haven't had time to check it out...should have brought a USB gamepad to work today.

Man, that job must be rough... I mean honestly... what work environment doesn't already have gamepads, and Xbox 360s for each employee...? </sarcasm>

I envy you...

If all you guys speak so highly about it I'll download it, too.

Unfortunately the NES ROM is too big so it won't run on my GBA movie player.

Hats off to the Hackers, another great Mario Adventure.
I have played few Mario Hacks before, undoubtedly this is the best.

The link is dead now. cAn someone upload the zip file so I can try?

Sorry, no can do...The webhost for ZombieHunterX removed all of his NES ROMs.

Explanation here:

Somebody who has it can still upload it to a different web space

I could email it. Its only 413 KB. Just PM me with your email address.

Same here. This game deserves distribution.

I can help take the overflow of requests for this NES ROM too...........

Hey, I uploaded it to a new directory. They can't complain about ONE NES ROM, especially since it's a hack.

I updated the link in the first post, but I'll link here too:

Alright, I have it now. But I'm having some trouble with the controlls. The only thing I know how to do is get to the map, I don't know how to enter the pipes or the levels. As noobish as this sounds, is there a .txt file of the controlls or something?

Goto Config in FCE Ultra, then Input... and click Configure for Joy Pad 1. Then you can set the controls to whatever you want to.

Actually, just the other day I started a game of Mario Adventure in FCEUltra and for some reason was just stuck on the map. The game wasn't frozen, because I could bring up my item list and pause/unpause, but could not move on the map at all. I reset the emulator and it worked just fine. Could be the same thing.

I got round to playing this. It's a cool game, but it's pretty tough, especially when you use the keyboard. It is very well done, but I still prefer mario forever. Everybody should check this out.

Stumbled on this while trying to find the thread Uber Newb was referring to in his CURSES!! thread.
I have to say this is one of the best hacks ever. Very well thought out! This could have been called SMB3: The Lost Levels, because of the degree of difficulty, I've gotten past the first castle, and that's it...
Well, this one will have me busy for a few days/months!

This SMB3 hack is really good!

Did anyone else notice that each level changes from day to night when you die?

The controls were a little sucky though, you can jump when you press in the B-button.

Yeah, and it was snowing/raining when I first started the game, and it hasn't since, I'm wondering what that was about.
This hack is so devilishly difficult ! Nice touch, making those damned castle ghosts invisible!!