Backwards SMB1 level 1-1!

In Super Mario Bros.

I beat level 1 on SMB completely backwards! I recorded a video of it and as soon as I can get it to upload somewhere Ill post the link.

I find the first few levels pretty easy to do backwards, but the ones wih multiple enemies are alot harder.

i have a video of me playing 1-1 backwards, i turned around twice by accident though...

and here it is...

i've beaten level 8-1 completely backwards..... it was pretty cool. not in this video unfortunately though.

How is it possible to to play that level backwards anyway?

keep jumping... start off forwards though, then just keep jumping backwards through the whole level.

Since I finally got DSL I uploaded it to . I don't know what the green stuff is though throughout the video...

i'm pretty sure i can beat the whole game backwards except level 8-4 i would guess.

i am going to watch that soon!

i might post a video of me doing a speedrun of the game backwards if i ever get around to it.

maybe a segmented run?

i think you should be able to run before starting to go backwards, otherwise it looks pretty slow.... also you would be unable to beat a few levels, unless you walljumped of course.

Good job greatmightypoo! I tried to go maybe... 1-and-a-half screens backwards, and couldn't really catch the feel of it. Looks really cool though. The green blob looks cool if you look at just that though... it does some weird things

Good job greatmightypoo on accomplishing something I can't.
Very entertaining.

Let's hope this never becomes a "challenge".

i gto about 3/4ths the way through before i turned around.

I should post a video of me doing 8-1 backwards, with a running start at the beggining.