i got the video up!

In Super Mario Bros.

this is my 5:09 of Super Mario Bros. 1, it is the fastest real video of smb1 on the web.

took me a while to do this. haha.

Rapidshare is brutal. Try to get it onto google video. In any case, I downloaded it.

Very nice, man. You waited in 8-3 for fireworks, right?

"Too many users are downloading right now. Try again later or by a premium account."
I'll try later.

I got to download half of it, and I watched the .part file, It was pretty awesome.

Where have you been?

Very Cool

"Where have you been?" what do you mean?

You haven't been posting nearly as much as before

oh, lately i have had a lot of school work, so the past 3 weeks have been pretty busy.

hahahaha, today my full completion video was put onto speeddemosarchive.com

enjoy the video.

my video is the one in the middle Andrew Gardikis.