Super Mario Bros. 2.5D

In Super Mario Bros.

This is interesting, it's like SMB, with 3D modeled blocks and stuff.

That looks pretty cool. It reminds me of that semi-3D Metroid that someone made. This SMB looks like it has more angles to it though... same premise I suppose though. What's it play like? I'm a tad too lazy to download it right now... plus I'm a bit frightened on what the file size may be

2.15MB nothing to be afraid of.

. I might download it...but looks like I need a good machine to play this.

it's playable on my 500Mhz machine, though it does have some slowdown when there are a couple of blocks and stuff on the screen.

I checked it out, it's pretty cool. I'm pretty rubbish at it. I can't play games too well using the keyboard. I need to get a controller.

Its pretty cool, escpecially the way the pipes look when your in the air.

i cannot beat the second level, and i am the best at smb1. well the main reason is that you cannot jump on turtles well. more than half the time i do i die.

It's really neat, from a novelty perspective. From a gaming perspective, though, it's buggy. I beat the game by dying.

Press Enter: Tada! Level skip!

Woo, that looks nice.
That has to be downloaded.

WOW!! Its like... well... 3D .

I checked it out, and although it has a decent novelty factor, the game itself was really buggy. Since its such a small download though, by all means check it out.

Finally got round to downloading this. It has a really cool novelty look to it. For some reason I was expecting an exact copy of the level layout of SMB1. It would have been great to see the familar levels in this stlye.

I was expecting a copy of the levels, too. Oh, well. It's still cool, even if you don't jump right.

Awaiting the release.... wow the suspense is EXRUCIATING!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm bored where are the cheetos?