In Super Mario Bros.

going for that 5:08 run!!! wish me luck over the next month haha.

This should be in the SMB section.... :[ anyways good luck!

wHoops, meant to put that there sorry about that.

It is alright!

good luck!

WOuld you mind posting all of the runs, the runs you had, and the perfect time? If you do that, we can discuss some things. i think i saw the list at twingalaxies.

wait what do you exactly mean?

like times for each level?
i will try to find them...

by TG rules, a 5:08.2 about is a perfect run.

perfect game game units

1-1- 380
1-2- 346
4-1- 340
4-2- 358
8-1- 200
8-2- 342
8-3- 242 (aiming for 242 because of fireworks)
8-4- 311, thats the best i have gotten without any glitches or cheats, i dont think 312 is possible, if it is then a 5:07 is just barely possible, but i dont think it is so i am thinking a 5:08 is perfect by human standards.

three people now have the record, but i think mine is the fastest of the three. here are my times.

1-1- 380
1-2- 346
4-1- 340
4-2- 357
8-1- 199!(argh)
8-2- 342
8-3- 242
8-4- 310

my time finished with about 5 minutes 9.3 seconds. 1 game unit = about .4 seconds. so if i can get within 2 game units of perfect, i will get a 5:08 i am pretty sure. or it will be 5:09 exactly, which i am hoping does not happen.

Yes, thats it. So you need to work on 8-1 then....

just a mess up, i get 200 pretty much everytime, so this was unlucky. i know i actually can acheive a perfect game. i have had a perfect game up to level 8-3, and one of these times i could nail a perfect run. That would be awesome.

this is the times for each level in seconds.

WHo else holds the record besides Trevor?

some guy named carlos. i hope i ca get a 5:08 soon though... maybe if i get lucky.


I can do it in about 6:30, but I use All Stars.

Thats pretty good, considering the fact that you cant jump the pirahnas in 4-1

(or can you?) i can't

yeah i can beat that in about 5:20-30 or so. you cant, i always forget haha

i am so used to it that i always end up killing myself

Haha, same here, im afraid

i will see how fast i can beat it soon. i am guessing it will be 5:18.

EDIT: i am getting close to getting that 5:08. if i ever do, i bet these will be my times in game units for each level.

1-1- 380
1-2- 346
4-1- 340
4-2- 357 (1 game unit off perfect)
8-1- 200
8-2- 342
8-3- 242
8-4- 310 (1 game unit off of perfetc i think)

so i would be 2 game units off of a perfect game. the funny thing is, if i got really lucky, i could have a completely perfect game.

Don't you have to be able to do things like press left+right at the same time to get a perfect game?

Ah well. I'm sure you will do the best you can do in real time. Are you trying to glitch-jump off the floating pipe in 8-4 to get up there, or using the turtle to bounce up?

I imagine trying the glitch would require crazy luck...

well i am thinking a perfect game by twingalaxies rules. a perfect game without it is basically the same as an emulated run.

but without the use of the left+right thing, or walljumping, or using any glitches or anything, perfect i beleive is a 5:08.

if i did do some things, i could get a 5:06 as my best.

walljumping, using a certain pipe in 8-4, and jumping through walls, and warping... many things could really make my run faster. it is better to do it perfect without glitches...etc

if in 8-3, i somehow figured out how to jump backwards right at the beginning, and jump forward to get a faster time, i could get a 5:07 without glitches.

but wouldn't that be a glitch?

yes i guess so, but i think it is impossible to perform by a person using a regular NES controller, so it really doesn't matter since i would never be able to do it.