Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix Review!!

In Super Mario Bros.

I want to check this one out soon!

I'd like to play it too. However i'm rather laid back (i.e lazy) and it requires effort.

yeah, i know what you mean

Its a really fun game. I own it, and its my first DDR game. Its great for beginners, but my friend (really good at DDR) thinks it a bit easy. There are 5 levels you can play on:

Easy:Only left and right arrows, and is REALLY easy
Normal:Its just as easy except they use all 4 arrows
Hard:IF you never have played a DDR game before, this may provide some troubles but not much
Very Hard:Very good for people how are getting better at DDR
Super Hard:Great for people getting REALLY REALLY good at DDR

After that, you can get better, so I would suggest trying to pick up Max for the PS2. Anyways, this is a really fun game.

I'm somewhat glad this came out (maybe we'll get DDR's max-extreme put on there)But it sounds like they're adding all that sidequest crap that turned me off on Mario Sunshine.

(still keeping fingers crossed for the arcade mixes.)

EvilNES, you need to get it and post a video.

Super Hard mode is too easy for me.

I would tape my self playing but i don'ts got a digital Video Camera.