Best Bowser Battle.

In Super Mario Bros.

Which Mario game do you think the best bowser battle took place? IMO I think it was the one in SMW 2 where baby bowser became Huge. I thought the Cheapest one has to be SMB 1 all bowser does is jump around and throws things I.E Hammers and Fire Balls.

I think the good ones where in SM 64. Easy, but fun

Yea those were cool.

SM64s or SMW, or SMB3.

ummm... smb2 haha JK. umm probably mario 64, it was hard to aim him though.

The Mario 64 battles were fun. I also liked the battle in Super Mario World 1 and 2.

My vote goes to Mario 64. Honourable mention to the battle at the end of Super Mario World, too.

I thought the concept of the Sunshine one was ok, but yea I would have to go with the Yoshi's Island battle, I loved making the waves on the floor.

The 64 one was other too easy or the difficulty would get o me (I.E. the last one where you fight him on a star)

The lamest one was probably SMB1.

I also liked a bit the one from Yoshi's Story, but that was more toward a Yoshii then Mario game

Yeah, the last bowser battle took me about 18 tries before i was able to make hi hit that last bomb

Personally, I liked fighting him in Mario RPGs. Especially Paper Mario II, where he was just a bumbling idiot who posed a side-threat. Even in the Glitz-pit after you were injured you could beat him, but the battle at least looked really cool and was fun.