which is better?

In Super Mario Bros.

which is betetr Super Mario Bros. 1 or Super Mario Bros. 3?

After playing SMB3 sick out of my mind, i dont like it anymore. its too boring. ive come to fully appreciate SMB1

i have played smb1 many many many many times. as you can tell by my world record in it it takes 100s of tries. same thing basicallly with smb3, except i dont have the record and haven't spent as long on it. so i am undecided about which is better. i love the fact that i can do pretty much whatever i like in smb1 though.

It's a tough one. SMB3 is probably the better all round game but SMB1 has something "special" about it.

I'll say no. 3, simply because it's bigger.

Tough one.......... ..........I agree with Daynum, although I do sometimes get bored of Mario 3 and that never seems to happen with the first.

Given the options, I'd say Mario 3. Mario 1 is too hard for my feeble skills. Also, mario 3 has slightly more variety. Plus using the frogsuit in situations you aren't supposed to is wicked.

But Secretly, Mario 2 is the best.

i knew someone would say that Super Mario Bros. 2 was the best... i disagree, it isn't like a "mario game" its kind of strange. (no bowser)....

also, how is Super Mario Bros. 1 harder than Super Mario Bros. 3? on Super Mario Bros. 1 to beat the boss you must jump on an axe and in Super Mario Bros. 3 you have to do something to the bosses at least three times to kill them. i must admit that they made the hammerhead bros easier in #3 though. in Super Mario Bros. 1 to beat the game you only need to actually beat 8 levels haha. i am still undecided on this...

i might actually go with Super Mario Bros. 1 on this one. i have a lot of fun i find out so many new things all the time. i can do almost every glitch there is ( i haven't been able to jump over the flagpole) i will someday! you can do a lot of things though..... i do like the fact you have all the suits in Super Mario Bros. 3, and i like the fact you can fly... i think i have more fun playing Super Mario Bros. 1 though. so my vote is smb1.

or is it? JK, but there is a negative world so 33 levels....

you just cant slide through walls taht well in smb3 like you can in smb1...

i've always liked Super Mario Bros. 1 better than 3. i honestly think SMB3 is overrated. i'm not saying it's not a good game, but i think it's not nearly as good as everyone makes it out to be.

WTF is a hammerhead bro?

it's the shark in SMB3

The memories with the first have made it better.

AHhahahahah Hammer head bro. jesus christ, just say shark

wHoops, haha, what is wrong with me.... haha

i was kidding about the shark thing....

uh.....yeah....so was..I

( i never owned a instrucion booklet for this game, and nntendo makes up some pretty farked up names sometimes )

i think people that have played smb1 a real lot, would vote for it, you get to learn new things. or maybe just because it is a classic.

Ive been playing it alot lately, mostly learning to speed run as good as i can

you should ask me some questions if you have any....

i sent a full completion speedrun to speeddemosarchive.com a few days ago and i am hoping it gets there alright and my video will be on the site.

I have no idea. It just kicks my ass. Well, only world 8. And to a lesser extent, world 7. I guess I'm just more used to Mario 3.

I'd also say number 1 is harder. There are less easy 1-ups for a start, so less mistakes are allowed. There are also more gimmicks in SMB3, such as P-wings or those clouds that allow you to skip levels.

yeah, i must just be extremely used to it..

I like SMB3 better. It has more and bigger worlds, more depth and better playability.

Id say SMB 1 just because of its challenge. SMB 3 is great though and i still play both games now and then.

I'de say SMB1 for sure because I get bored with SMB 3 easily...!

What I like about SMB1 is that it has an arcade feel and it's just great.

Although SMB1 is tied with SMB2 really with me. But SMB1 is the BOMB!!!!

i do get bored with Super Mario Bros. 3 for some reason too. i do occasionally get bored with it after playing it for a LONG time, but it ammuses me how many glitches and tricks that can be performed.