Mario movie series concept

In Super Mario Bros.

For a while now I've been creating a story based on the game Yoshi's Island that would connect tons of things with the Mario universe. A war by Bowser's father and Mario's father.

I want you all to take this VERY seriously. If I'm ever as lucky I might be able to make this a 3D animation movie. I've drawn most of it out in comic form.
This is not just another fan fic. I'm making this for anyone that's wondered what the Mushroom World was like before Mario was born.

It’s the graphic and dramatic story about Bowser’s father, and how he tried to enslave Dinosaur Land. It tells about the POWer Stars and the story behind the Mario Brothersmovie and warps and everything else you can think of. Many good theories and ideas have gone into this. Most of these ideas have come from the site in my signature.

If anyone wishes to help or if you have any questions or comments, or shoot the breeze feel free to contact me at

Remember, this is going to be a huge event in Mario Brothershistory. I don’t want any Mario Brothers and Yoshi fan to not see this.

wow that sounds awesome! be sure to post updates here so we know how its working out. I cant wait to check it out

If I can get some more replys I'll discuss it further.

Ok I'm discussing it further. All I need is your opinions on content. Submit some opinions and they might be noted. I don't need to know what you think the movie should be about. I'm still looking for full time helpers though.

This is what I don't want:
-gore, excessive blood ect.
-dead Yoshi's
-elemental based charecters
-impossibly skilled anime like moves
-Yoshi's not being treated like equals i.e. treated like pets
-Yoshi's not speaking english since they do
-love affairs
-the idea of clones

Would you guys be okay with these if the above rules applied?:
-blade based weapons
-crying, angry, dramatic stuff
-deaths but with no blood or gore
-detailed game references
-cheap martial arts
-baby Bowser being smarter than he is in the game
And several other things I forgot.

haha seems pretty good, i like the idea so far.

I believe in Yoshis Talking English , but i just wanna say this, in Super Mario RPG, u need Yoshi to talk to other Yoshis, hes like a Guide or what ever.

Meh, he talks in M64, SMW, PM, PM2, ect.