super mario bros. 1

In Super Mario Bros.

i have been working on playing Super Mario Bros. 1 backwards the whole game for a speedrun. here are the rules i have made up for myself haha.

you can run forwards until your first jump (the first jump must be done backwards) then after that mario must be facing to the left at all times while you complete the level.

i think level 8-1 might not be possible, i might be able to do it, but there are large gaps that you must be going a certain speed when you get to them to live, so it may almost be impossible.

here is what i have done though
1-1- 347 (no pipe)
1-2- 260
4-1- 335
4-2- 323
i haven't tried 8-2--8-4, because i haven't been able to beat the level facing backwards the whole time in 8-1. i will try those levels sometime today though.

this is mostly just for entertainment, i might do each level individually and post them by using a digital camera.... OR try to beat the game backwards as fast as i can all at once and tape it, if i can ever manage to beat 8-1 backwards.

Wow, i know what you're trying to say, and that must be damn difficult. Wish you well.

in level 1-2, I couldn't figure out how i would manage it, and then i realized i needed to get a mushroom, or else it would be nearly impossible.

I tried something like that once, but I, with little ambition, just gave up on 1-2 and took my rage out on all the goombas. Therefore, you are an extremely better player than I.

i just got very close to beating level 8-1, i now know it actually is possible, thanks to many jumps off the edges of pipes. i just was thinking that would probably be the hardest level to complete

but i dont know... how am i supposed to get over the big gap in 8-2 without ever slowing down? how will i be able to get past the hammerhead bros in 8-3? how will i finish the game on the last level? i dont think that i can make it across the gap at the very end of the game, i think my other rule will be that after i exit a pipe, i can run and once i make my first jump i have to be backwards.

EDIT: 8-2= not too hard
8-3= hard

by playing backwards i have found something out and now think i will be able to acheive a 5minute and 8 seconds speedrun.