Is there something wrong with this Mario game?

In Super Mario Bros.

I'm playing Super Mario Bros. for nes and every time I go underground like down in pipe areas and cave levels, the music and the sound stops. Then when i get it it comes back whats wrong with the game?

Give it a good cleaning. About 20 q-tips should do the trick.

would Q-TIPS alone do the trick?

I don't entirely get what you are saying, but if you mean the sound stops while you are traveling from one screen to the next, then that is supposed to happen.

I think what he's trying to say is that the music you hear when you're in underground levels isn't there. If the cart isn't dirty, than the NES ROM is probably damaged.

I tryed A/V jacks on my Nes. And now it works much better. The picture is better and I can hear the music! Thankx guys for the help!