mario game

In Super Mario Bros.

what mario game should i do a speedrun for?

i dont really want to do one for a gamecube game.

Super mario world, Or SM64

hmmm... i might do SMW, that record is hard to beat, as well as the sm64 one. i might do the full completion of it. i think eventually i will have a lot of mario world records, and may get some online. smb1, 2, 3 SMW, maybe Yoshis island, and sm64. i did SMW in 12minutes and 30 seconds about, but the record is i think 11minutes and 9 seconds. i know that the person who has it had worked on it for quite a while. i will try to beat that though. maybe even super mario64, you never know.

Beat Mario Brothers

Super Mario Bros. 3 is the best Mario game Nintendo ever made.

i did Super Mario Bros. 3 in 11minutes and 52 seconds, and the record again is about 11minutes and 15 seconds. stupid hand levels that pull you in in world 8!!!! i will try that as well.

i should have just put a poll to make up my mind.

the run i saw the guy just by-passed the hand think if you go fast enough and time your button pressing right, you can go through em? Or was that guy a Bullshitter?

no you can get by them, it takes luck, and when i do get by them probably 1 in 7 or so, i can never seem to pull it off. it was a pretty good run, but when i compare to what i can do, i could definately beat it with some time.

was it at speeddemosarchive?

i am aiming to beat those times, or ones on twingalaxies

I think i got it from there yeah, i got a SM Speed run DVD i made. Watched it the other day.


Super Mario Bros.?

Its a Super Mario Speed Run DVD, with all of the world records of SMB3, SMB1 SMB2 SMW SMW2 Yoshis island, and i have SM64 Speed run on it also.

i shoudl make one just for you all done by me.

ps: my Super Mario Bros. 1 run is actually faster than the one you have if it is done by trevor seguin.

i think with a few tries for each game, i could get within a minute of all of them except sm64 and Yoshis island.

How about speedruns for the Gameboy Super Mario Lands?
I'd like to see those.

Yeah, i bet you could do a good one for 6 golden coins. easy game. I bet you could do it fast

hmmm.... over the years, i think i might have speedruns for a lot of mario games, i think i can easily do ones for the gameboy advance, considering they are the same games as the ones on the NES.

every game posted here i will try out speedrunning them.

the ones for gameboy i will most likely not be doing, i will consider them though.

the game i really want to play is Super Mario Bros.: the lost levels, i have never played it, or have played it only once. i really need to get super mario all-stars!!!

any other ideas?

Mario 3 i gots like 12 or 13 minutes.