In Super Mario Bros.

It really has changed alot from last year...just look

Sorry, i dont understand, whats a SPP

Super Princess Peach

Weird... It looks like a crappy game, what is Nintendo getting to?, Any Way, Where'd you get this?

I'm looking foward to it. I loved SMB2, and this looks just like it.

Well... You Never know. it might turn out to be cool

HAHAHAHAHAH is this a reverse-concept mario game? Peach as the main character?! I wont be investing in that game anytime soon, im afraid.

That's True, It's Just like DR.Mario 64, Nintendo Had to release it Just so they Released a Game for the N64 In April (or march, Maybe May, ) point is, maybe they're *GASP!* Running out of Ideas!

Or maybe, the feminists have attacked and threatened nintendo and made them make a game Contradicting the stereo type of "The damsel in distress"

Or maybe you have a lot of imaginat ion lol Nah just kidding, maybe nintendo is getting alot of hate male from peach fans

I haven't heard anything about this game but I think it looks great. It has a real Yoshi's Island sort of feel to it and I loved that game. If it plays anyway near as good as Yoshi's Island I'll be digging it. So Peach is the main character? So what? I think I'll judge the game on how it plays thanks. My only concern is that Nintendo are likely to make this too easy.

They've made games like this before. Occasionally Nintendo strays from the usual Mario character but keeps the same theme. Look at Mario is Missing and Yoshi's Island. One of them flopped and one of them did great. This will probably be the same situation. As for the quality of the game, we'll just have to wait and see.