smb1 speedrun

In Super Mario Bros.

this was done using a keyboard, and is very impressive, his finishing time is 5minutes and 11 seconds. this video is the closest video online in comparson to mine, besides trevor's, in which you have to download this thing. this is just an easier way to view a very fast completion of the game, that is 2 seconds slower than my time. i finished in 5minutes 9 seconds, if anyone doesn't realize how fast i beat the game.

i am amazed someone did this on a keyboard though!

Hmm... I saw him jump straight through pirahna plants 5 times, and he even swam straint through a fireball line thingy in world 8.

yep all possible things in the game.

How exactly do you go through fireballs? When ever i try, i die. am i doing something wrong?

It's something to do with ducking. Underwater, there's no duck animation, but it still makes mario's hit box about half his usual size.

thats the only fireball chain you can go through i think, since you are small, you do not need to duck and do not get hit for some reason.

Awesome! Ill try that out, sounds interesting!!

That's pretty cool, beats my best time by a long shot.

i did a full completion of the game, and i got a time of 21:19, i died twice and was small up until level 8-3 where i got a mushroom and then got hit on 8-4. i think my deaths wasted probably 45 seconds, which is a real lot. my time is still probably really good, considering i did the first world almost completely perfect, and most of the other worlds very well. if i dont die, i am hoping i will sometime get under 20 minutes.

i beat my current smb1 full completion time, i got 20:53 as a time. i will put the video online soon, the video below is a pretty good video though of my full completion.

Good job, andrew. I've been waiting to see it.

i will have my new full completion up tommorow hopefully.

I very much approve of this run. Despite the mistakes, it is still very impressive.

The only other full game speedruns that I have seen of 'Super Mario Bros.' have all been "tool assisted", so I much prefer to watch something like this.

glad you enjoyed it. those mistakes cost me about 25 seconds, and thats how much i improved in my new run. i will post it up here today if i can.

i think it is pretty good that my new video is only 1 minute and 55 seconds slower than the emulated one. about 25 seconds they gained on me from killing bowser with fireballs everytime. about 15 seconds were lost by one death in my new video.

i do love something about the emulated video though. in one level, i noticed they jumped and shot fireballs to the music while killing everything. haha.

EDIT: it was on level 5-1.

well, if you didn't want to go through the hastle of rapidshare to see my video of smb1 done in 5 minutes and 9 seconds, it is right at this link...

well, if you didn't want to go through the hastle of rapidshare to see my video of smb1 done in 5 minutes and 9 seconds, it is right at this link...

to have seen that video!!! Holy crap man, that freakin ruled!!!!

glad you enjoyed it, i wish i hadn't messed up on level 8-1 though...

only .3-.4 seconds, if i hadn't done that, i would have gotten 5 minutes and 8 seconds, which is pretty much a perfect game.

heh, my wife even appreciated that one

haha, glad you guys enjoyed it. i am only 15 years old too...

Man, for some reason I thought of you to be in your 20's. Its just weird that your so good at a game that was out before you .

yeah, it came out like 5 years before i was even born. one day i randomly decided i wanted to go for the world record, which at the time was 5 minutes and 20 seconds. i tied that exact time the week someone got a 5:17, i was shocked by it.... i just kept improving and now it is nearly perfect. i started trying for the record when i was 14 starting freshman year, or a little earlier than that. it's hard to believe i shaved off 11 seconds off a record people thought couldn't be beat.

i know , when ever i go to Halo Parties, No one ever watns me on there team, and theose people, just happen to get owned.

yeah, so... here is a video i made, i played the first level in mario backwards as well as i could.

ok, right now I am working on a full completion run without any deaths. I am aiming for under 20 minutes!!!... actually under 19:53 if i can, i want to improve my current record by a minute.

i've been practicing some levels like4-2, 6-2, and 6-3 because i really hadn't known how fast i could beat those levels when i did the speedrun i have currently. those levels I never play, and i didn't know the fastest route for the full completion.

i think if I do manage to pull off a run like the ones i have had recently in my practicing, i could possibly get under 20. i think i am going to play without using any mushrooms as well, because it seems in the videos i have made it just ends up wasting 10+ seconds.

I've been watching speed runs all week from and I must say, you're really good.

I know that most speed runs are re-recorded many times and uses emulators to slow down the game.

Hats off to you andrewg


sad sad sad.

definately tool asissted...

i thoght such a time ending on 8-4 of 317 was impossible even when tool assisted.

do they know it is tool assisted? i wonder

i thought it looked tooled also.
but anyways prettyh nice clip.

yeah i think it is the fastest known tool assisted speedrun of smb1.

i thought it looked tooled also.
but anyways prettyh nice clip.

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currently I am doing smb 1 again for SNES on the all-stars game. Its actually quite a challange... since they fixed all the bugs and most of the glitches. i'm pretty much doing this so i can send it to Speed Demos, since they wont except my real run which technically beat the world record. oh well... this run will be pretty good.

I am aiming for a time of 5:08 by SDA timing... 2 seconds slower than the NES version's world record. If i pull this off it might be even more impressive than the video for the NES version... but I have no idea.

Do you mean the world record for the SMB version that's on All-Stars? I didn't know they kept track of those games Why didn't speeddemosarchive accept it?

no... i mean that they wont accept smb1 for NES because it is not a second faster than the current one they have, so i am doing the one for all-stars which they will accept.