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i find something to be really weird, about a year ago, when someone beat the world record for Super Mario Bros. 1, and got a time of 5 minutes and 17 seconds, everyone made a HUGE deal about it. a month later, he got a 5:14, then a few months he got a 5:13. that is his best time right now. a few months later someone gets an incredible 5 minutes and 10 seconds, and no one really cares or knows about it. he then improves his time by 1 second and has the Super Mario Bros. 1 world record of 5 minutes and 9 seconds. his name is trevor seguin. an 11 second improvement from the old world record before the 5:17 was acheived and no one cares? i find this to be very strange, as i have also set this record and it doesn't seem to be much of a big deal. a perfect game of Super Mario Bros. 1 is 5minutes and 8 seconds, and the record is only 1 second away from perfect. has anyone ever seen the video for a 5:09 in Super Mario Bros. 1, it is incredible. this is a link to my world record...

my name is Andrew Gardikis. Trevor Seguin, the guy who tied with me, has a video of his 5:09 on you have to download this thing called DIVX, but it is worth it to see this video.

does anyone else care about the record being only 1 second away from a perfect run!!!!???

oh yeah one more thing, if anyone would like to see a lot of SMB1 tricks, bugs and glitches, i have made page listing almost everything i know.

Well, welcome to NES Files Andrew

Hey man, that's pretty cool that you have that world record. I didn't know that it's one second away from a perfect run I'm wondering how it's been figured out that a perfect run is in 5 min 8 sec?

I haven't really kept up on world records much... the last I saw of any records (that I stumbled across) was that guy beating the world record for Ms. Pacman... that was some crazy stuff! Are you going to try for records for any other games after you get your perfect run?

well... it is a perfect run, under twingalaxies rules. a 5:07.9, might theoretically be possible under twingalaxies rules, only if it is possible to end with a 312 on 8-4 under twingalaxies rules. which i have never acheived. if i did not follow twingalaxies rules, i could probably use many things that would improve my time. i think the best time i could ever get using everything i know is a 5:04, i am not even sure if it would add up to that though. it all depends on what you are considering to be a perfect run, under twingalaxies rules, i dont see a 5:07 being possible. it is probably not that difficult for me to get a 5:07, if i did not follow twingalaxies rules, since i can get under a 5:12 a lot of the time, and can save about 4 seconds with some tricks i think.

right now i have broken the world records for Excitebike, Track and Field, smb1 full completion, f-zero for SNES, and another record. i am very good at the other 2 mario games, so i might go for those next. the Ms. Pacman scores kind of depend on your luck, as i have heard. that like a 1 in 30 chance you get a certain fruit that gives you a lot of points.

i go for many things at once, but i am hoping for a 5:08 in smb1 the most because under twingalaxies rules i am 95% sure that is perfect. if a 5:07 is possible under twingalaxies rules a still cannot see a person getting it.

a perfect time for me would be about 5:08.1-2
perfect times
1-1- 380
1-2- 346
4-1- 340
4-2- 358
8-1- 200
8-2- 342
8-3- 242 (244 is possible using an emulator doing this crazy thing at the beggining of the level, not humanly possible on a console i think)
8-4- 311? might be a 312, but i have never acheived it.

I think it's often just the initial speed-run that gets all the interest, because they're usually shave hours off the playtime, and most people don't have any idea that a time like that is possible at all. When it comes to shaving off a few seconds here and there most people just think "meh".

i know i can acheieve a time of 5:08, it messed up on 8-1 by 1 game unit, that cost me to not get a 5:08. hope i can get that sometime, that would be awesome, since i think it is unbeatable.