What's the game that was turned into SMB2 US?

In Super Mario Bros.

I started playing a FDS game I bought and it looks really familair.

Doki Doki Panic.

For a comparison...

I really think the "Mario" sprites look better than the original characters though.

Doki Doki Panic is neat in that you have to beat the game with each character, but it gets annoying with that you can't run in the game. Cool idea, though.

Let me add some pics:

Wow, thats pretty neat. I like how they animated every move in color in the manual.

i've wanted to play that original game for many years. perhaps i should ask in the "Emulation" forum, but is it possible to play FDS games on an emulator? And if so, where could I find a Doki Doki Panic NES ROM?

You'd probably need a Famicom emulator, since it wont work in the NES ones. I've Tried...

Hmm, There seems to be one on ebay: I havent seen them on there for a while:

You'd probably need a Famicom emulator, since it wont work in the NES ones. I've Tried...

You can use FCE Ultra to play Famicom games. Find a file named , and put it in the directory with your emulator.

I have it, but when i use it it says "an error occured" thing

Are you trying to use the disksys.rom? If so, you shouldn't be actually loading it into the emulator. Just have it in the same directory as FCE Ultra. Then load a game in the emulator.

ok... Let me try...

wow! Awesome! Thanks Dude!

By the way, do you know how to get Doki Doki Panic? because I've been using the Japanese Version of Super Mario 2

Read the document entitled fceultra.html to learn how to eject and switch sides of the disc.

dude! Thanx a lot! I really owe ya one!

oops, sorry, Never mind my post (which i deleted), I had forgotten to set side B

yeah, big thanks for the link, Roth. great to finally play this game after hearing about it for so long.
sucks not being able to run, though!

Doki Doki Panic... which had something to do with something called dream factory. You played as an Arabian Family rescuing... was it their own children? Idk, but it was weird.