Walljump Glitch

In Super Mario Bros.

has anyone mastered the wall jump glitch, for more info :

i remember seeing a video on some site where he got mario to walljump his way through the game .

umm.. i am probably one of the bests at this game, i have the world record for fastest game of it. i have figured out how to basically jump out of 2 block spaced cliffs, if i accidentally run into them, it is kind of about luck, but i have done it many times on purpose and on accident. since you have to jump into an exact spot on a wall, it is very difficult to do.

in the fastest videos, i could probably do stuff like that in 8-4 if i had a little luck, by the rules i go by when doing the game really fast under settings, i do not use walljump or a pipe glitch.

if i really wanted, i could make a video of me getting 5 minutes and 5 seconds on the NES version in one continuous segment, which might involve pipe glitches, warping to opposite sides of the screen, and walljumping.

i think eventually after i get a time of 5minutes and 8 seconds in Super Mario Bros. 1, under twingalaxies rules, i will make a video of me getting between 5:03 and 5:07. i can probably get a 5:08 way easier by not following twingalaxies rules, but i like it to be official.

i cannot jump straight through walls or anything though. way too difficult!

thats cool, thanks ill check it out.

Did you not say in the other thread that you tied the best time, and that you weren't the first to get it? if that's the case, you don't hold the record, the person who set it initially does. You have to beat a time to claim a record.

technically i beat the record by .3 seconds, and i am listed as 1st, meaning i AM in first, just that i am listed second and i am in first place in the world. since i techinially did, just by twingalaxies i haven't, meaning that i DO have the better time, just not by 1 whole second.

I just tried that on an emulator... i think the particualr NES ROM I was using fixed the glitch maybe.

maybe not... sometimes it is hard to do.. i mean you have to be at the right pixel when you do it.

I just saw you at bisqwit's site, Andrew. Does this mean you're working to memorize exactly what frames to press buttons as to play the game as perfectly as (in)humany possible?

...wicked :D

yeah, im working on getting a perfect game, but it might not happen because some cord broke and i have to replace it. I think i might be able to eventually get a perfect game within the second, you never know though, i might eventually pull off a "perfect" game. without the use of glitches at least.