Picture of 1-up Mushroom from Super Mario Bros. 2 (J) Part 2

In Super Mario Bros.

For King Brett...

Sorry about last time.

It's perfect! Thanks! Oh and I accept your apology. After all you just made a mistake.

You may also want the super secret 2-up mushroom only obtainable in world 6-3:

WHAAAAAAT!? Where the hell do you find that at in World 6-3!? I thought there were only 1-Up Mushrooms!! Where's the hidden block containing such an item eh?

I would answer your question, but seeming as you have already stated that you don't have the game or NES ROM there would be little point.

Plus it's a secret.

So where is that hidden block that contains this Super Secret item? I have the SNES version of Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan but I looked everywhere in World 6-3 but I can't find it. Can you show me a screenshot of where it is? Or at least tell me?

That's your problem, you're playing the SNES "Lost Levels" version which I don't think has the 2-UPs. That's the whole reason why I don't like 'Super Mario All-Stars' - there are always changes made from the original games and it just isn't the same.

Anyway, I was going to take some screen shots from 'Super Mario Bros. 2 (JAP)' but I moved some files and folders around and misplaced the lousy "disksys.rom" file. Urrrghh! I need it in order to play the "FDS" file.

If anyone has that, send it to me immediately.

So Z.E.N do you have the screenshot of where the hidden block that contains the 2-Up Mushroom is? And also....I didn't want to reproduce Super Mario Bros. 2 using the NES ROM because I didn't want to fight a Spiny in a Bowser Costume in World D-4 but I'm using the NES ROM to reproduce All-Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.

Mario and Luigi "dead sprites"...

A poisonous mushroom...

I'm not hosting this for nothing.

I didn't delete anything, but you should discuss with the mods why something was deleted before reposting it. Same goes for continuing a locked thread...

There was no reason why the original topic should have been "locked" in the first place (outside of the fact that no-one was helping).
There's nothing wrong with requesting "sprites" from a game. Especially when I went through the trouble to actually download the NES ROM, play the game, take a screenshot, edit it, upload it to the internet, and link to the image from a post.

Perhaps somebody on this forum just doesn't like 'Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan)' sprites.

There was no reason why the original topic should have been "locked" in the first place.

It was locked because King Brett doesn't even have a computer, and I'm tired of seeing his garbage posts, and inability to appreciate a joke. Also, he's a blatant liar for claiming to reproduce anything.

He's posting all of this garbage without even looking for himself, just in case he "gets a computer for Christmas". Had he taken the time and effort to even LOOK in the "ROM Links" thread, and still not found what he was looking for, THEN he should have posted such things.

Nothing personal against you or anything, as I still feel that you're one of the better posters on the forum, but you seem to have zero respect for moderator decisions.

If we're to continue this discussion, I think it should be via PM, or IM.