Picture of 1-up Mushroom from Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan)

In Super Mario Bros.

Hello. I was wondering if you guys had a picture of the 1-Up Mushroom from Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan) do you have it? If so. Then can you please show me? Let me know as soon as you can.

Take a screenshot from your newly downloaded NES ROM. You have some lame requests even after being presented with the tools you need.

Excuse me for saying this Roth. But as of right now. I'm a Webtv user and Webtv users can't download NES ROM games. So anybody have a picture of the 1-Up Mushroom from Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan)?

Then what I want to know is, why did you want a NES ROM for that game? You said you needed more "data" in the other thread... you said you couldn't find a NES ROM. Why, oh why did you say you couldn't find a NES ROM after our suggestion if you couldn't grab it in the first place?

By the way, what's the purpose of this topic?

haha yeah no kidding! Hey i need these NES ROMs, even though i cant download them or use them on "webtv". maybe try google before posting every question that pops into your brain.

This is just getting crazy. I have to agree, what's the point in asking for a NES ROM if you can't even download it? I said in the last topic that Google was your best try as well.

so.. uhh.. how do you 'reproduce' NES Games if you dont even have a freaking computer? or am i misunderstyanding this webtv crap?

as someone else asked, are you SURE you understyand what reproducing a nes game is all about? you dont need pictures of anything to reproduce a game, you just need a modified cartridge, a blank eprom or eeprom (i forget which) and an eprom/eeprom burner.. the reproducing, is the act of inserting a new rom image into an old cartridge. there is no need for any images from any game.

Uh guys? I'm making a site that tells about the game I'm reproducing. And also I needed the location of that NES ROM in case I get a computer for christmas. I need the 1-Up Mushroom sprite for my site as I already have the Poison and Super Mushroom sprites. So anybody else?


If not, do I at least get credit for being the only one who replied to this thread that wasn't ?

That's a super mushroom isn't it?

It is! Dude. If I need a picture of a 1-Up Mushroom then at least make the dots green. No offense but I already have the Super Mushroom sprite saved onto my scrapbook. Anybody else?