My 'SMB Glitch Signature Banner' series

In Super Mario Bros.

I created a series of signature banners for forum use about a month ago demonstrating popular glitches in Super Mario Bros. Rather than rotating them into use here, I figured I'd just post them. Even if the glitches aren't news to you, I think they're still neat banners.

I executed all of these myself in an emulator, editing the video in VirtualDub, and creating the gifs in Photoshop/Imageready.

That's pretty cool! Have you done any cool things like that for any other games?

I like the whole concept and idea, but the videos seem to run a bit sloppy. Maybe you can fix that? Then they would be quite good.

Once the gifs have loaded and run once, they should run just fine.

I haven't really created anything else like that for other games, but I have a couple other Mario animations.

Here's a speed run through 1-2, GREATLY sped up. I have since beat this time:

And here's a demonstration I do, with some 'slow-mo', of a "Piranha Plant Jump", which is absolutely necessary to master in order to complete speed runs. This was not designed to be a forum signature, so it's quite a bit bigger than the other animations.

EDIT by NES-Luke: There was an extra / in the URL, it should work now.

That speed run would make a good avatar!

Do you do alot of speed run stuff? I'd like to know how fast you can beat SMB. I tried doing a speed run through 1-2. I seem to do alright, but towards the Pirahna Plants on it, I get held up, if I even get by the goombas, who tend to change if they are on top of the blocks or not.

the second one seems to be broken...

I don't think I could ever do speed runs, I get frustrated too easily

I just beat Megaman 2 today because I was stuck on one level for a while so I'd turn it off and play the next day...

wow those are sweet u should definitly do some more.

The piranha plant jump picture is broken.
Could you fix that? I'd love to see it.

The piranha plant jump picture is broken.
Could you fix that? I'd love to see it.

hmmm... I don't seem to have a problem with any broken pics on here...
Did you wait long enough for it to load?

I can't see it either. It's the one under the 1-2 speed run.

things for fixing the picture man

sweet animation lol u nearly hit him lol

Now I can see it, too.
Thanks. Very intresting demonstration.

I didn't fix anything, but I'm glad you guys can see them all now.