SMB speed runs

In Super Mario Bros.

What, no Super Mario Bros. threads? 3's a good game, but something about 1 keeps it in my system quite a bit more often than many of my other games.

Here's a banner I created for a sig for another forum I go to. I'm pretty sure all these times are up-to-date, except for 8-4, which is tough to speed run, and I haven't kept track of. Also, each time is compared to times in the infamous 3 minute SMB1 speed run video. I've actually beat the time on one level.

Don't forget time counts DOWN, so the higher the number, the faster the time.

Do you happen to have a link where we can get a hold of this file? I'd be interested in seeing it!

yeah, I'd be quite interested in seeing that as well, SMB is a pretty hard game until you learn the levels.

I can't seem to track down the original SMB speed run.

Here's a good site for video game speed run videos:

There's an SMB one on there, but I THINK it's slower than the one I was using as a guide. I'll find it somewhere.

, this is the link to the person who tied with me for the smb1 record, done in 5:09 by twingalaxies rules.
his time-5:09.6
we still tied by twingalaxies rules though.

i did a speedrun of smb1 full completion 21minutes and 19 seconds, i died twice, but it was ok. i will probably put it on

wow!!! i almost just beat Super Mario Bros. 1 in 5 minutes and 8 seconds. i think a 5:07 run without glitches is actually impossible, so if i had gotten that 5:08, i would have been happy. i died on level 8-2 near the end, and pretty much had a perfect game 1 game unit of error.

perfect times i have achieved
1-1- 380
1-2- 346
4-1- 340
4-2- 358 (half the time i get this)
8-1- 200
8-2- 342
8-3- 242
8-4- 311 (hardly ever get this)

so if i could do a perfect game and messed up by 1 game unit on levels 4-2 and 8-4, i would get a 5:08!!!!

EDIT: sorry didn't mean to post that many times.

I'm very impressed with your times andrewg. How long did it take you to get so good at the game? I bet you know it inside and out.

nice times

there also good for previwing games you might want to buy but havent really seen or know much about, not to mention a walkthrough,

umm... a very long time. i ahve been playing since i was 5 or so, but i hadn't tried beating it as fast as i could until i was 13. back then my best was around 6:10 without knowing that much about the tactics or the game or anything really about it. i stopped playing for a while, and when i was 14 i decided to play and try for it again. i got something like 5:40 and kept trying and trying. a few months later i actually got a 5:20, which had tied the current world record at the time, which was BROKEN 2 WEEKS LATER!!! someone had gotten a 5:17 i was impressed. so i kept working and working and working and now i am 15 and finally got 5:09, so i basically had been working on it for 1 and a half years, but it wasn't continuous, i had been playing other games as well doing speedruns.

I don't think I'd have the patience to play the same game over and over. I might see how fast I can whip through Super Mario myself. I'm guessing it will take me ALOT longer than 5:09.

see, i didn't really just play one game, in between i had been playing many games. smb1, 2, 3, smw, other mario games, and other NES Games. i thought it was just an accomplishment i had to get done. i only continually worked on it for about 4-5 months though. did you watch the smb1 video on ?

my best video is only about half a second faster. i was impressed anyone could play as well as me.

EDIT: oh yeah it says 5:06 on SDA, because they started timing when he got control of mario.

i think i know pretty much every glitch, trick, and bug in the game and can perform all of them except i cannot jump over the flagpole!!! i almost did it once, but i screwed up the jump. i haven't really tried that hard though.

If I had a faster internet connection I'd love to see alot of those speedruns. I'll check out the SMB1 speedrun tonight.

I didn't even know you could jump over the flag pole.

never done it myself, beleive it is possible though. i have been to websites that have a bunch of glitches that are real, and they had that one, so i am sure it is possible, i will get it one day.

the only differences in mine and his speedruns are...
i got 380 on 1-1
i got 199 on 8-1
i got 310 on 8-4

I Think the only place you can jump the flagpole is in 3-3, right?

yep, i think it may be possible in another level as well. i am pretty sure it is possible in 1-1, but i dont want to go into detail on that one, unless you are wondering.

EDIT: actually, it involves a turtle and a glitch in the game.

well, now that it is almost summer again, i think i may be trying for a couple different speedruns to beat the records on. I will definately beat at least one of these records...

super mario world SNES - time to beat 11:09.

the lost levels using mario and then using luigi
mario time: 18:07
luigi time: 17:27

Super Mario Bros. 2 NES - time to beat 9:45.

my main Goal is to beat the record for smw or smb2, i dont know if i will be able to do it. I'm going to try at least.

EDIT: im going nuts... i dont even know what game i want to do anymore... im trying to set records for too many things at once... so i dont know, hopefully i dont just become decent at all the games and not make a great speedrun. going to create a poll maybe...