Mario game for the Nintendo DS

In Super Mario Bros.

has anyone heard about the new Mario game for the Nintendo DS? I read in Nintendo POWer that they were going back to Mario roots and making it like a 3-D but still have its 2-D roots or something. I dont have the mag. here in front of me or I'd tell you word for word what they said. but they had a screen shot and it looked like it would be fun. too bad I dont have a DS.

I heard of it, too and I hope they don't screw it up with their 3d-but-2d-stuff.
I think they should try to make a solid 2d platformer again. Without all that 3d stuff.

yeah, Im with you. Mario needs to get back to his roots 100% w/ 2-D and all.

If you are talking about the "NEW Super Mario Bros.", then yes, that game looks sweet.

Yes, it was announced as "New Super Mario Bros.".

I hope they don't put too much 3d and too much of the old games in it. I hope we get new levels and not "refurbished" old ones...

That game is on my wish list for sure.

I think Nintendo knows what they're doing. It seems their working very hard on DS games.

I own a Nintendo DS and I have been waiting for this game ever since they said there making it, Two player-cop sounds pretty cool but it would be even better if it was "ONLINE" as most of you know...well the ones with a DS knows the DS is going online and I hope this game is one of them!

Well, the screenshots from Nintendo POWer show that it's a 2-d platformer just like the old games, just the graphics are in 3-d. It looks great. I'll try to scan it soon.

Another reason I picked the DS over the PSP.......

Another reason I picked the DS over the PSP.......

What about the 100 dollar price difference.

The 100$ (in Germany it will be 100 Euros... about 125$) price difference is a BIG factor for me not to get a PSP.

Of course, I mean 3d is awesome for the games, but mario could have a new 2d feel, not a port of course

Yep, the graphics are like they're from 64 but got hit with a hammer. I'll probably never understand how they pulled it off, but it definately seems cool.

I just checked out some screen shots on IGN for this game...looking good indeed. I just need to get a DS. But I want an Xbox360 as well! Gah.

I'm also thinking of getting a DS maybe the blue one.

Ok i will