Genesis Soundchip

In Other Classic Systems

Anyone here remember the beautifuly imperfect sega soundchip? I love it. The tinks and chings is so awsome. Not to mention they use some of the same sounds in other games. I guess its nostalgia but i love it. Same with water in the genisis games. Just has that special something to it.

edit by manuel: It's called "Genesis", not "Genisis"... it's only one letter, but it's important!

I'm quite fond of the YM2612 myself, and I didn't even have a Genesis as a kid. I've got a small collection of GYM files that I like to listen to from time to time.

and I always find that the sound on the Genesis is very crisp and clear when compared to the SNES, which sounds muffled and bad (not a discussion about instruments, just clarity!)

Yup. Sega's soundchip shall always be rememberd. I wish they would make a new 16 bit system even though it wouldnt sell among the masses id still love to see a brand new 16 bit console gaming machine made. It would be funny if next years new gen system were all 16 bit. Just sucks it wont happen.

The SNES sound chip was so much cleaner than the Sega Console. Graphix too. Sorry guys, nintendo Pwned sega in the hardware department. But sega had amazing sports games compared to the SNES.

ugh, another one?

would you mind posting the specs of the SNES and the Genesis?

just so we can all see how the SNES was superior...

and for god's sake, G-R-A-P-H-I-C-S!!!!!

in theory yes. But it was the imperfectness of the sega's sound that i loved. It was funny and awsome to me.

It had personality. That's what's important.

Or "".

I feel that both systems (Genesis and SNES) are fairly even in performance, but for "sound", I have to go with the Genesis. It is definitely "clearer" than SNES and has a much wider stereo sound

For an experiment, grab the GYM's and SPC's of ' as you "fanboys" might think it is).

And amazing 'Shooters'. And amazing 'Side-scrollers'. And amazing 'Arcade Ports'. And amazing 'Strategy Games'.

I noticed the Genesis's voice was garbled compared to the NES. Especially in the mortal kombat, and Street Fighter 2010 ports. Also, it couldn't hold as many colors on screen as the SNES.


I can't comment. I've never played the NES versions of 'Mortal Kombat' and 'Street Fighter 2010'.

*sigh* If only 'Gunstar Heroes' could display just 4 more shades of red on the screen...
It would have been so great.


The sound chip has a subtle beauty to it. I encourage everybody to play at least one Sonic the Hedgehog game on their Genesis with headphones. You notice a lot more than you usually do with a typical TV speaker.

Honestly, the Genesis sound chip is much prettier sounding than the SNES. I love both systems equally, but in terms or music, the Genesis wins. It sounds much more cleaner.

Z.E.N wrote:

Yes.. if only

I don't think any console deserves to be hated just because of a few things one person dislikes. Every console has it's good points and bad points. All should be loved equally.

In my opinion when it came to hardware I have to give it to the SNES...the Genesis had awesome graphics and sound (albeit of an arcade quality...) but I can't help to remember how blown away I was the first time I heard the orchastrated richness of games such as Castlevania 4, Actraiser, and Final Fantasy 3...I never heard anything of that caliber on the Genesis (on Sega CD perhaps...but that doesn't count..) and graphics were great on Genesis interms of their exclusives like Sonic and Vectorman....but again cross-platform games like Street Fighter 2010, and Mortral Kombat were way cleaner and crisper on the SNES...