Worst Sega megadrive/genesis platformers.

In Other Classic Systems

Can anyone here remember the worst sega genesis game platformers out there? For me it was bullwinkle and rockie, bubba and stix and a few others i cant remember at the moment.

edit by manuel: It's Gensis, not Genisis.


Because having enemies pass through your on-screen character without a hint of him taking damage (no flashing, no sound effect, nothing) is extremely NOT FUN.

I didn't have much fun with 'Batman Returns' either.

Turrican as Mega Turrican because that game Rocks it Contra and Bionic Commando Bonded!

ah yes the original turrican was really crappy. But man you gotta try Mega Turrican on genisis and super turrican on snes. Those games were so much better made trust me.

I was playing Mega Turrican just last night, it's a really good game. I've found myself liking shooters more and more since finding Gunstar Heroes.

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