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COLUMNS!!! Yes you know the second Best Puzzle Game out there maybe third. Does anyone Remember its beutifulness!?

Was that really on the SNES?... I don't think so. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that game from Sega and thus only on Sega consoles?

Wait a second Your right Why'd I put this topic in the SNES place!Hmmmmm Dam I'm stupid.

Well, we could move this to Off-Topic if a Mod would like to, and yes, I love colunms. I could play that game for hours. I remember getting up to level 20 something.

Yes, most excellent.

Yeah it was good, my favorite puzzle game for sega besides Shove-it!.

Shove-It... that's one ROM I need to grab to experiment with! I've always seen pics of it, but never got to jam on it. I really want to try it. Is it pretty challenging as you go on SUPERGodzilla?

I remember going to Target when the Game Gear came out. They had Columns as the demo game for you to play there. Man, I stood there FOREVER! I really did like this game. The funny part about the game is that half the time, I had no clue what I was going to do. The screen would just end up clearing because of multiple matches that I didn't even intend! Nice. I haven't played it in awhile though... maybe that's two NES ROMs I should grab

Yeah its pretty hard as you advance to higher levels.

I just tried this game out and man its very good. I suck at it though, i even lost at level 1!. You should also try colums 3 on genisis as well.

O my GOD there were sequals Ahhhhb I must have it!Man this game is Awesoime!

I've always loved Columns.. I think it's a lot of fun! And I love the music in the game, it always brings back so much memories hearing it..

yea columns is cool