Nintendo loves Bruce Lee!

In Other Classic Systems

Or at least the movies he makes. If any of you have played Arm Wrestling (Arcade game from Nintendo), you'll notice much of what the tournament dude says is quoted from Han, the coordinator of the tournament on Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon".

For example, in the scene where Han is talking to Roper about fighting Bruce, he says " Good morning, Mr. Roper. We have been waiting for you." In the game Arm Wrestling, "We have been waiting for you." is the sound played when you push player 1 button.

Also, when Han says "Let the tournament begin," the same is said in Arm Wrestling before a match. It's almost creepy how these sounds seem to be direct ports.

It's kind of interesting, I saw no sites listing this reference, so I figured I'd share it here. Also, I strongly suggest both Enter the Dragon and Arm Wrestling to all of you.

I know Enter the Dragon (unfortunately only in German dub), but I don't know the Arm Wrestling game.

But it's kind of cool to hear that they (maybe) used samples from Bruce Lee movies in the game.

Bruce Lee kicks ass.

Bruce Lee's heart exploded didn't it ? or am i wrong all these people at school say his heart exploded?

I do believe the common belief is that he had a brain hemmorhage.

I'm pretty sure his heart did NOT explode.

There was something with his brain.

Watch "Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story" for details.

Ithink my brother got that in a two pack with 36crazyfists.

MY cousin had a bruce lee poster in his room, when I was like 7, I was into Mortal Combat a lot (Played a lot of it at the age of 4 and 5). I used to think Lu Kang was Bruce Lee.

Yes, I think Bruce Lee was the model for Liu Kang.
I often used him, too.