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I still remember when I was a kid, every body had a 2600... except me. My mom had a drinking buddies' house that we used to go to. They had a 2600, and I used to love Pitfall, Smurfs, and Maze Craze! That was some fun. I always got beat in two player combat, though.

I have a photo somewhere of me playing Q*bert on a VCS sitting in a walker (back when they were legal) so I guess that was my first gaming console, but the first that I can remeber, and the one that got me Hooked was the NES.

Oh yes, Q*Bert! That was another game I used to love. I have it for the NES now, and that is one difficult game. The first system I actually owned was also an NES. I still can't quit playing it! It had the most fun games ever!

Yep, I have it for NES as well, and like you, the first console I owned was the NES, and I agree fully that it is the most fun.

I'm not sure how much 2600 you ever played, but I found some really cool games for it. One of them on discovered on Activision Classics and never played the actual cartridge. It was called Hero. It was level by level like an NES game, and was very playable. I also discovered a game called Crossbow, where you had to protect your men who are crossing terrain. What fun!

I know Hero, a friend of mine collects Atari carts, and if I were estimate I would say he has over 1000 of them, so chances are, I have access to most games you can name

Nice. Why did people not like E.T.? I thought that was a pretty cool game. As was Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I can tell you from experience, people did not like E.T. (I had a few copies of it) because it was terrible, and there is no way of knowing what you're supposed to do. and why the men come after you... and what's with those little junks you pick up... that whole game just confuses me!

All the items have a purpose. If I remember right, there are three parts of a telephone. You know, to phone home. The people were chasing you because you were and alien. And right now, I'm having a brain fart about the Reese's pieces. But you had to assemble the phone, then find the place where your alien buddies would pick you up. You could also get an item that would make the people leave the screen. I can't remember what that was, though. I thought it was quite fun. I know alot of people hated it.

ah, I think it's starting to make sense, due to the terrible graphics I didn't know what those pieces were

True, it was hard to make the stuff out. Heehehe. I wonder how many other people just didn't understand it? Oh well.

I think that was reason most people didn't like it, now that it's been explained it seems like it could have been a decent game.

Atari 2600 ruled!
My favorite game was 'Space Invaders' and I used to be so good at it that I could max out the score at least twice.
"Pit-fall' and 'Moon Patrol' were great fun also.
'Raiders of the Lost Ark' was probably the system's best adventure game, unfortunately I could never figure out how to finish it.

As for 'E.T.', I liked it so I guess that pretty much disqualifies me as a writer for EGM.
The game wasn't that hard to figure out. Back in those days you needed a booklet to understand what was going on, and believe me E.T. is A LOT easier to figure out than 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'.

Your Goal: be E.T.- collect the 3 "phone pieces"- find the area where you "phone home" - get to the "landing pad" before time expires- don't get caught while doing it.

The changing "symbols" at the top of the screen represent the action that E.T. can perform in that area. The 2 people after you are the government agent (he steals your phone pieces and candy) and the scientist (he abducts you, takes you to his lab and "probes" you)- Luckily the "probing had no effect on E.T.'s wellbeing.

The "candy" restores E.T.'s health when you press the button in the right area, or give it to Elliot and he'll trade for a phone piece if you collect 9 reeses pieces.

Yes, falling in the wells was irritating and the humans are relentless, but E.T. was certainly playable and beatable, and had the best sound for just about any Atari game.

Now it's not such a bad game afterall. Sure beats the hell out of 'Freeway'.

DUDE!!! Check it out!!! Somebody else who likes E.T.!!!! That's awesome!!! Welcome to NESfiles, d*mn it!

I think I'll have to see if my friend has an E.T. cart around and give it a shot now that it's been explained a few times. Thanks guys

I still have a working one and play space invaders, centipede and seaquest sometimes, but E.T. and Superman suck i hate those games.

I can't deny that the 2600 had good games, but for the most part the graphics were just too terrible to do a lot of the things they tried to do with it. E.T. for example and the whole single button input was just a little too simplistic, it also limited gameplay.

Yeah, it was limited for sure. The thing about the 2600 was it was a great stepping stone for all gaming to come. It had some fun games (or at least some fun memories )!

it's also more or less responsible for console gaming today.

Did you know that Nintendo originally approached Atari to produce the NES?

it's also more or less responsible for console gaming today.

Did you know that Nintendo originally approached Atari to produce the NES?

Now that's a fact I didn't know! Huh. I guess it makes sense, though. Atari was already in the gaming industry, and Nintendo was just trying to get in. Interesting stuff!

I thought it was interesting as well. Atari said no though, bet they were kicking themselves over THAT mistake

when they saw how much the NES rocked they grabbed either the 5200 or the 7800 (I don't know which) from the shelf of things they didn't plan to release, and tossed it out there to try to compete.

i never have owned an atari actually my first system was as well a nes i loved it too and still own it

i want an atari 2600 so bad! the only one i've seen for sale is $35 at some dirt mall (like an indoor flea market), but for $35 the guy can keep it

one of my friends has one, but he's stubburn, he never plays the damn thing and refuses to sell it, all he plays is his xbox!

my cousin has one somewhere at his moms house, i've been meaning to ask him for it and his sega master system, but everytime i talk to him i forget to ask he has about 10 2600 games, and he claims to have a huge cardboard box full of master system games, but i've never seen them

the best games that i've played for the 2600 are maze craze, and fast eddie, fast eddie the better of the 2

The game I liked best on the 2600 was a platformer that I don't remember very much. I only played it a couple of times at a friend's place. I think it's a very common game (like SMB for NES), so could you give me a hint?

Platformer on the 2600 that shares popularity such as Mario...


Sorry, but I don't remember anything from that game. I was 7 or 8 at that time... so that's about 18 years before.

I don't think it was Pitfall. I looked up the graphics of Pitfall and they didn't seem familiar...

Another thing!
There's a great homepage with "video game comics". Some of them are really funny. Have a look at it.

I gotta get an Atari 2600!

i have some weird atari made by sears, "Sears VIDEO ARCADE II"

Yeah, I don't know all the details, but apparently there was some sort of deal with Sears.

Well, here are my 2600 collection pics (to add to my others )

...and here's something you guys would probably like to see. I also own the Super Pong system... pretty elementary, of course. Still, it's a nice keepsake and conversation starter!

I bought an Atari off of ebay during the summer, but unfortunately, it doesn't want to work.

On the bright side, you have an Atari! And you can always buy the Atari games for your PC. They only cost like $20.

When at a flea market for NES Games, I found an Atari 2600 in some person's free bin

It was missing an AC Adapter, so I figured they were giving it away since they had no idea if it worked or not (these weren't the most technically inclined people).

I bought an AC Adapter... and it works like a charm

Yesterday my friend picked up 3 Atari 2600's for $7.50. They're all 2600's, but each one is a different model. We have one wood-panelled 6 switcher, a wood-panelled 4 switcher, and the newer all-black model. Unfortunately, there were no Hookups or normal controllers. We have two pong paddles. We're hunting down connections now. And maybe some games.

If you own a Sega Genesis with controllers, you could use those. Oddly enough, the Genesis joypad is compatible with the Atari 2600 VCS unit.

And it's a lot easier to play some games with it too.

If you own a Sega Genesis with controllers, you could use those. Oddly enough, the Genesis joypad is compatible with the Atari 2600 VCS unit.

And it's a lot easier to play some games with it too.
No way, really? I'll have to try that out.

I wish I had the woodgrain Atari like I had growing up..... I f'n hate the buttons on mine, switches are much better! And also, is it just me or are the joysticks hard to use? Mine feel like I have to put a lot of arm POWer to get my dudes to move like I would like on the screen. Forget even trying PacMan..... after a few screens my arm kills!
Kaboom is really fun.... No matter how hard I try I can only get the paltry score of 1260.

have you tried taking the joysticks apart and cleaning the contacts? that sounds like the problem in this case... especially since they could have 25 years of grime in them.

I liked E.T. as well. Played it night and day.

I use to have a 2600. I still have some games for it, but the console itself is broken. MY brothers dumb a$$ friend through it across the room. I would like to get a new one, but it's not on my "top things to get".

my first system was a pong style system no frills but man e.t. far 2600 is the worst walking and walking and falling and falling and boring boring. and i love atari and that damn game sucks bad tisk tisk for bad game

Yes, that is a 4" square 2600.

Yes, it will soon be a full portable 2600.

... and yes, I want your buddies' H.E.R.O. cart

It looks funny to see an Atari that tiny Good luck on your mod!

Yes, that is a 4" square 2600.

Yes, it will soon be a full portable 2600.
That's almost like a "sleeve"... or a "sandwhich".
No wait... it's smaller than a sandwhich. It's practically a "wafer".

Is there going to be a portable screen as well, or just the unit?

'H.E.R.O.' Rocks!
'Solaris' is a pretty cool game too.

Yes, that is a 4" square 2600.

Yes, it will soon be a full portable 2600.
Is there going to be a portable screen as well, or just the unit?

Yep, it's going into the former case of a Sony Video Walkman.

Wow, thats awesome. Good job breaking it down to such a small size! Be SURE to show us when you have the finished product!