Commodore Amiga

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I'm highly interrested in getting a Commodore Amiga.

I'm mostly interrested in working with Workbench, Basic and all of the Motorola Assembler stuff.

I'm just wondering which version would be the best for that purpose.

The Amiga 500 is the most common, but I think I could do better. Which would be the best model? I'm not sure if the newest one, if the term newest can apply here, is full backwards-compatible.

I used to have a 500 (regret selling it) but only ever used it for games so don't know much about the Workbench side of things, but the 1200 is a more POWerful upgrade. If I remember correctly there were backwards compatibility issues with the 1200.

I used to own the 500 as well.

What I've read coincides with that information, so I'm probably going to try to get one of the newer models.