My Dreamcast mod

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So, I was without a PS2 this last weekend. I decided to pick up one of my many half-done mods. Took me about 6 hours (slacking off all the while).

*NOTE: its missing one U.V. LED in the left front corner. That will be fixed in about two days.

Clear case- $10 (got a sweet deal on it)

Open (showing three flat 5mm LED's with black clips)

Poorly lit... had the flash on

This is how it normally looks (normal lit room)

Lights off

Shows how it lights up the lid when open

I also found a sweet little tool that allowed me to (among MANY other things) do this

If you want that tool, just post here. Just can't remember where I got it off hand.

So, what do you guys think? Like the colors I chose? Just want some opinions on it. Keep in mind, that these pictures don't really do it much justice.

EDIT: Also, If you notice where the normal orange LED goes (4th down from top), it is the blacklight LED (you just can't tell cuz of the green). I was thinking I should change it to a different color. Any suggestions?

I think it's pretty cool. The colors you chose are very high-tech / alien in a way.

Now you need to do the same to a controller

Heh I kinda messed this one up... I got the missing LED in a couple months ago, and I tried to add it to the existing ones. In doing so I broke the leads on two LED's and, I found out the one I JUST received was a dud... So now it sits with only 1 Black light LED and all three green.

Sux, I'll have to fix it one of these days. Oh well though, I wanted to use different wires anyway (can you say, Black light Responsive?).

And I was definatly planning on making a matching controller or two or four.