Old Commodores

In Other Classic Systems

Anyone here ever play with old Commodores? I've owned the Amiga and Vic 20 (with games on casettes!) in the past, and they're both totally awesome for classic stuff.

I used to love playing The Immortal on the Amiga. The games were just so inventive.

I've got both a Vic 20, and a C64 in the closet beside me. I've been hunting for an Amiga for a good while now, with no luck.

I don't have one, but a friend back then owned a C64. We often played... wait... more than playing we saw loadscreens, when it took 3 minutes to load a game and then you died after 3 seconds... ah, good times.

I loved International Karate. When you pressed some keys on the board (I don't remember which) the fighters let their pants down. Hilarious.

I used to have an Amiga 500 but then stupidly sold it. Great times playing Secret of Monkey Island and Sensible Soccer.

For my Amiga, I had The Immortal, Marble Madness, Out of this World, Robinhood, and other stuff.

I also had this point-and-click style game which takes place in dreamland but I can't recall the title.

Has anyone here played Psycho Shopper for the Vic 20? Great game.

i've got 2 C64's, one is complete in the box. i've never played either of them though, because i'm missing the cord that connects the C64 to the tv. they both turn on, so i guess they work?

i got a couple of games on cart. they look like small 2600 carts.

if anyones interested in buying a C64, let me know. shipping will be a bitch though, because the POWer supply is so heavy, it's atleast 5 pounds