Gunstar Heroes High Score Challenge!

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After a (very) long delay, we have a new NES Files Challenge!

It's fairly simple, though it may take some time.

The person who can post the highest score upon completion of Gunstar Heroes for the Genesis (MegaDrive, for you PAL/NTSC-J folks) on normal difficulty, will earn the title of NES Files Challenge Champion!

There is a prize for this challenge, in hopes of getting higher participation!

Due to the prize involved, this challenge will be extended to two weeks time so that more people have a chance to see and take part.

Damn good game choice, I'll be getting right on that.

Well, I'm excluded from the winnings since winning your own prize seems a bit unfair.

But I'll post my score, just to get things rolling....

upon completion of normal difficulty my score was:

No screenshot since I played on the real hardware, and my camera totally sucks.

Pretty tough game right now. It's the first time I've actually sat down and played it. I like the different ideas on it (ie mine cart, dice game). Pretty fun. I wish I had jammed on this before... now I know what I've been missing.

What is the average amount of time it takes to get through this game?

(Just curious)

What is the average amount of time it takes to get through this game?

(Just curious)

I always forget to look at the clock before I start, but I think it takes 30 - 45 minutes. Unless you die 400 times...

This is a great game. I love the fact that you can combine 2 weapons to make one. I really like it except I just figured out that everytime you use a continue your score gets set back to nothing . So you pretty much have to beat it flawlessly.

Exactly, which is why this challenge takes some skillz.

Doesn't have to be flawless, just don't die.

Unless of course nobody can finish it without dying, in which case scores will be lower all around.

Hint: Golden Silver is worth a good few million alone.

do we have to beat it, cant we just die give you the score?

If we could do that, what would be the point? NES-Luke already beat it... you have to at least beat his score for street cred.... "yo".

If we could do that, what would be the point? NES-Luke already beat it... you have to at least beat his score for street cred.... "yo".

Well, I'm excluded from the runnings, my score was just posted for bragging rights hopefully someone can beat it, but it's not required to win. it would be nice if someone posted up a score though.

Also, my previous hint would kinda indicate that you should keep on trying and post the score from the ending...

I haven't had time to play yet .... I will be able to after I move.

And Speaking of Moving....... again......

for a little while (about one/two weeks) I have to tear my computer down tommorrow .....

And I told myself that I had to get COMPLETELY unpacked before I can set-up my videogames and computer.....

So, if you don't see me for longer than that..... you'll know that I am lazy

And if you see me before then.... you'll know I am lazy

Well, HAPPY GAMING everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The very last boss is really "cheap". Most of the big points are scored on the final few stages.
Expect to continue several times if you don't know the patterns and weaknesses of all the tougher enemies.

This game reminds me of 'Contra: Shattered Soldier'. It's like one long continuous boss battle.

thats what i thought)about Contra) i wish that it was more like it.

Are you going to post a score, mr. good at every game and better than everyone else at everything?

Looks like he got at least 3714126... unless he failed.

That's what I got after beating the last boss. There is an image in that post.
I have "edited" it to prevent further "confusion".

I could get a higher score if I really wanted to, but I don't like it right now.

Id you're talking to me I was referring to Devil That Cried.

After about 5 times of beating the game, I managed to do so without dying! I was just 43,465 points away from Luke's score :


Looks like you and ZEN are the only ones even trying though...

I'm trying, I'm just not as good as everyone that has posted thier score.

I'll keep working on it.

I'm also trying, but still a bit far from even beating the game.

my genesis isnt Hooked up, and i cant play worth crap with key board.

I'm trying... and I do emphasize the 'trying' part. It's been too long since I last played it.

Hmm.. Can't take the 4 seconds it takes to set it up?

its away in a box in my closet.

about 5 ft -> and like with shelve and about 5 ft ^.

There's only a few days left, and so far GreatMightyPoo is in the lead!

If anyone else is planning on attempting this challenge now is the time.

Well, Looks like Greatmightypoo is the winner.

As soon as he contacts me via PM, we can discuss the prize.

Shame on you, Nesfiles.

I didn't post my score because I couldn't finish the game. I got two boards cleared and got stuck on trying to beat up that tubby dude on the airplane. In fact I was working on it right up until the deadline.

My score was a measly 300950

I also couldn't beat the game without dying. My highest score was only around 1 million, so that was nothing worth posting.

Except Zen, Poo (congrats on the hi score), Jenni, Uber newb and me, who did actually try?

I did. I'm just as hopeless.

i tried emulated i played 3/4th the 1str level i thought Fuck it, i hate the keyboard for games, unless its a PC game/ 1st person.

I played a bit but it was obvious I wasn't going to get near the high score (due to lack of time and ability).

I finally got my controller to work with my computer right .

I would have played it through but with moving, and my computer wasn't Hooked up, it was hard for me to find the time.

I tried a little last night and got half way through without dying..... I'm just gonna post a score within the next day or so..... If it's worth posting

With the keyboard.


I can't even beat the fifth stage! Stop showing me up, dammit!

With the keyboard.


You did that with the keyboard???

Shame on me. I have a gamepad and still suck at the game.