Panasonic 3DO

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What's a Good price to pay for a Panasonic 3DO? This lady at this Flea Market i went to had one and was asking $25 for it.

Looks like it could be a good buy, I'd go for it if I were you for collectiong purposes.

Well, at $25 it's probably gone already. But a local guy was selling one for $100, I don't think it even made it out for display before it was gone.

Didn't the 3DO cost like $600 when it came out?

Looks like $700

Always been curious about the 3DO. I'd snag it for collecting purposes alone, since I don't know anything about its game library.

I'm going back this weekend it will still be there.

Buy Road Rash and Star Control II ASAP if you buy it!

I wouldn't even bother w/this thing....I recently got one on ebay for sixty bucks w/7 games...these are supposed to be it's marquee titles too...Road Rash, Super Street Fighter 2010 2, Wolfenstein 3D, & Fifa to name some...well, nostalgia aside...these are very crappy versions of all these games, @ the time of it's release (when we were all playin' Starfox & Sonic I suppose it impressed...but damn this thing is slow, and I aint' just talkin' access time..but my god Fifa looks to be running on the lowest possible resolution and a clunky perhaps no more than 10 frames a more of an example of technical inferiority...and its troubleing when you could count a systems good games w/one hand....nice lookin cd player though.

I have one for sale in the for sale forum but I dont have the RF TV cable for it. I played Road Rash on it for hours and I never worried about any clunkiness or forever wait times. Maybe it was just the game you were using.

If it's for collection purposes and it's only 25$, I'd go for it. As already stated by Wankelfast, you can easily forget the games, nothing too great there.

It was always those polygon rendered games that ran slow on this thing (like Fifa..) but games like Road Rash (which were not really 3d rendered, but incorporated scaling 2d backrounds and sprites...) ran ok I suppose...PS1 version of Road Rash runs much better though...same exact game too.