Atari 7800 Games: Worth a buy?

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I went to Goodwill today in search of NES Games, and they had a basket brimming over the top with a bunch of Atari 7800 games for $1 each. I don't have the system, would anyone recommend me to get it? I don't know all the titles contained, I do know it had Donkey Kong, ET, Millepede, Joust, Q Bert...If anyone has an Atari 7800 for trade or sale, I'd be interested in buying or giving some games from the lot. Thanks.

Also, some carts got lost inside the casing. Anyone know to fix this?

Man, this is going to be somewhat of a tease... sorry dude. I had/have? Mario Brothers for the 7800. I can't seem to find it anywhere. If I do find it though I'll PM you for your address and post it off to you.

Atari was thinking hard when they made their games. the system has 2 little prongs that push a button inside the cart, which exposes the pins of the game. it works sorta like a built in dust cover. it's the samething for the 2600, and probly the 5200, i'm not too sure about the 5200, i've never one of the games