an old game for IBM computers....?

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back in elementary school we had this kickass game on all the computers. i remember the computers were IBM. i also remember the main character was a little dude with a red suit, and i think blue hair or maybe it was blonde? i'm pretty sure some of the enemies were like a robotic dog thing. it was a platform/puzzle game. there was lava/fireish looking stuff. you had to go around and collect keys. i'm almost 100% sure the game was called Sam 1.... but google has brought nothing up for Sam 1. it only brings up Serious Sam 1 or some guy that worked for IBM named Sam, and crap like that that has nothing to do with what i'm looking for....

so does anyone know what this game is really called? am i crazy? does this game exist?! has anyone played it?! i'd like to be able to download it and play it again. from what i remember it was an awesome game.

i remembered some more stuff....

the sprites throughout the game were really small. in either the 2nd or 3rd level, there was water, and robotic sharks.

and i'm not sure if it was a DOS game or what?

Whatever the hell it is, it sounds badass. I can't find anything on it, though.

That description almost sounds like a couple of games called 'The Castle' and 'Castle Excellent'.

I'm not sure if they were released for U.S. PCs (pre-Windows era) or DOS though. I only know them from the recently experienced MSX computer stuff.

(Don't you just hate it when you're trying to find something on the internet with "overly common" search terms? Ugh...)

Your telling me! Thats life when your favourite bands name is 'YES'
Z.E.N Comes through again. That game sure fits the description well.

Well, it sounds slightly similar to a game called "The Monuments of Mars" because of the little red dude, and the blue hair, and the puzzle/platformer...

I found .

it's also the last entry on this page:

neither one of those game is it