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When I was younger back in 94 or 95 I had the Sega Channel and I was wondering if anyone else did?

I remember my friend had it. It was so cool.

I didn't. Then again, i'm in the UK.

I never had it but i always wanted to get it.

we never had it here in oz either, what was it, anbout- sega stuff right but was on each episode? sonic cartoons, game reviews ???

was it anything like G4 only all about Sega?

Noting like G4. It was offered through the cable company for a fee per month (i forgot how much) They gave you an adapter you put in the genesis in the game slot and you could play like 50+ genesis games. The games would change each month.

Yup i had it back when i was about 10,11. It was awsome. It costs 15 dollars a month and you had over 50 new games to select from each month and when you went to select a game it loaded it up from the cable server from wherever it was located and you just played and as it loaded you saw messages from sega channel where fans sent in drawings and such. Boy those were the days.

I bought one of these things at a thrift store for $6.

Having the Sega Channel kept me up all hours of the night and it also caused me to have a few sick days for school.

errr.... What's A Sega Channel? *Hangs head in shame*

I'm afraid we werent old enough to expeirince the wonders of the sega channel, ern.

This is a Sega Channel adapter/cartridge (2nd gen)...

Here is a little info on the Sega Channel...



screenshots of what?

didnt the sega channel quit working after sega stopped it?

I guess thats kind of obvious.

Man, It sucks to be 13

Where the hell was I when this whole Sega Channel was going on? I feel so left out....
I'm always the last to know these things!

I remember reading about Sega Channel back in those days, but I don't think it was available in my area. It would've been so perfect for me too. Back then, I would usually rent games from the local video store for $3 a game for 3 days, and try to finish it (or play enough of it) in that amount of time.
Sega Channel would have been awesome to have. 50 games a month would have kept me quite happy (and busy) and in the end, I would've saved more money compared to "renting".

Basically, I was just old enough to experience it, but still missed it. Ugh.

In addition, Sega Channel was perhaps the first known way of offering playable "demos" to gamers. It would've been a great way to "try before you buy".

When I had the sega channel I remember playing an rpg Shining Force 1 or 2. That was the only game I played that month.After it was gone I had to go buy the game.