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omg! Who here has one? I looked up the specs and this is what it has!

* The PC section used an Intel i386SX running at 25 MHz. It had 1 MB of RAM and a 40 MB hard disk drive.
* Released in Europe and Australia around 1992-1993
* Cream-colored, with a sliding cover on the front to change between Mega Drive and PC modes.
* The output from the Mega Drive section was only available through the VGA connector, to the supplied dual-scan (15kHz/31kHz) monitor.
* Though the PC section is always running when the system is switched on, Mega Drive software cannot be used at the same time as PC software, due to the system having only one video output.
* Could also be used with a Mega CD with the use of a special connector only available from Amstrad.
* Most of the Mega Drive hardware is contained on an 8-bit ISA card, with AdLib-compatible sound on the same board.
* The Mega Plus was an updated version of the Mega PC. It used an Intel i486 at 33 MHz and 4 MB of RAM.


Wow I got to get this!! I wonder where?

Well, you'd have to import it... and shipping from europe would be rediculous, and it would be hard to find, and find someone willing to part with it.

Man that PC would kick some Ass!!

in terms of hacking around with the hardware, and for bragging rights, yes, it would be great.

for actual use... it's a 386, with a Genesis beside it. in the same case

Oh yeah. That's cool alright. As NES-Luke said they'll be hard to find.

Dave have you seen any of those around where you live?

One Meg of RAM? Thats disgusting.

I won't buy it for the specs but for the Sega Mega Drive.

Just buy a mega-drive then....

No I mean this would be much rarer then any other Sega System. So if I'm lucky enough I will pick this bad boy up!

Afraid not.