My Mega Genesis

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OK, My Mega Genesis is still a work-in-progress, but I'm confident.

So far it's been overclockedto 13.4Mhz, which I have to re-do with a fresh clock signal, as the one from the cart slot isn't very clean, and causes some missing sounds.

I've found the plans for the Neo Geo AES S-video mod, and since the Genesis and Neo Geo use the same video encoder, it should apply over very nicely.

Then I'm going to add standard RCA jacks for the audio and composite video (just in case I'm not near a TV with s-video)

I'll update this thread with photos of my progress.

Im just curious why you would want it using S-Video?

s-video eliminates a lot of the colour bleeding that composite has, it's just a much cleaner image.

You wouldn't think it would help too much, but I bought a universal s-video/AV cable for the Xbox/GameCube/PS2/Playstation/SNES/N64, and I Hooked the SNES up through the S-video, and it was amazing how much cleaner and nicer things looked.

Cool.... They only TV i have a S-Video output on is my 47" And my dad would huck me off mount Rushmore if i set up anything under 32 Bits down there.

Pop a 32x on it

Photos since I've aquired my model 1 Sega CD.

Thats cool
I wish I had the technical ability to do such things.