Is my SEGA CD dead or what?

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I bought a Genny/CD for $5 lol its a model 2. I Hook them up, turn on the genny and nothing.. I hope i'm doing something stupid and It'll work because I saw this thing work right before I bought it. In fact I played it.

I dunno maybe try cleaning the system?

PS: I found a store that has SEGA CD games PM ME FOR INFO!!

I tried.. I'm getting upset lol

i dunno i always just slip my genny in there and stuff put a CD in and turn on.

but no i gots a CDX i donts need to do that anymore.

Alright, so this is what you SHOULD have:

1 Sega Genesis
1 Sega CD
1 POWer supply for the genesis
1 POWer supply for the Sega CD
1 metal plate that goes under the genesis
1 controller
1 RF cable

Pop the little side panel off the genesis, and screw the metal plate in the bottom. Slide them both together, Hook up the 2 POWer supplies, and turn the Genesis on.

If that does not work, I bet its your genesis, try swapping it for another, they are cheap, 5 bucks to 10$

Also check your POWer supplies, make sure they are the right ones.

Pull apart the genesis and sega CD, and using a Q-TIP soak the Q-tip in alcahol(rubbing) and rub it on the cartridge like slot where the genesis and sega CD connect, kinda like brushing your teeth. Let it try, don't SOAK the cart teeth itself, just the Q-tip so it'll clean the dirt.

Try the genesis without the sega CD, see if it POWers up.

Hope this helps, Sega CD rocks!!

I tried two Genny's..both are a no go. No metal plate for my genesis..can i make one? or am i just SOL? ci'm guessing thats where the sega cd get its POWer?

It's just to hold the genesis in place, you don't need it.

So both genesis systems did not POWer up, and you tried without having it connected to the sega CD?

Did you use the same POWer supply?

Per chance is your POWer bar on, I sometimes forget to flick the switch

both Gennys work fine..POWer bar?

Oh ok, if they work, then the sega CD should work.

Use one of the genesis POWer supplies on the sega CD, if it will fit that is, and try the sega CD with one of the genesis's again, that way the genesis and the segaCD both have a good POWer supply that you know work.

You do have both plugged in when you try it, correct?
Sega CD needs its own POWer supply, along with the genesis being plugged in.

yea i have them both plugged in. i just dont get it.

Well if you've tried a working POWer supply with the genesis, and both are connected, and a working POWer supply with the sega CD, and it doesn't work...

It's dead, toss it or go to an electronic repair game store or just an electronic store and see if they will test it, and fix it for cheap.

if you were to toss it id sure take it.

Your all invited to the funeral serVice for the CD.....
T'was a good system..beloved by Segaites, Misunderstood by the other 99% of the worlds population...


I hope you didn't throw it out yet. These systems are fun.

hmm maybe one more try..

Worst comes to worst, sell it on ebay as spares and repairs. Someone might be able to cannibalise it to get another broken SegaCD working.

That's a bummer. But, at least you didn't pay too much for it. I'd sell it on EBay (as the turnip king suggested)