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I'm not totally sure if this should go here, but move it if you want. I need some opinions, I have been thinking about buying a 2 slot Neo Geo MVS with cabinet an for $400, but would i be better off getting an AES and getting a converter to play MVS games? All opinions are appreciated, thanks.

I've been looking in to this a little myself...

I say get the cab if you can afford to POWer the thing. You can't beat the true RGB arcade display, and the actual arcade controls.

You'll probably pay close to that much for a decent AES anyway.

Would you mind linking the converter you plan to use with the AES?

The thing is I didn't really know where to start with the conversion thing, the only converter I really know of is the phantom 1, and I figured to get the AES with the converter and everything would probably end up costing as much or more, as also MVS games are more affordable. I just need to see if i have enough space for the MVS. Any names or sites of converters would be appreciated too.

EDIT: I am definately going to get the MVS. it will be cheaper then the AES, the games are cheaper then the AES, plus on i have found an easy way to put the AES bios on the MVS pcb so it will change languages and acess hidden features.

You can buy a universal bios for the MVS that will let you play in arcade mode or aes mode, as well as letting you switch languages and other options. The MVS is definetely the way to go. The games are a lot cheaper than the AES games and by the time you buy an AES (around $200 or more) and a blue Phantom-1 (the old version doesn't play all the newer encripted games) (also around $200), you could have bought that 2 slot arcade machine and some games. I did a lot of research into the Neo because I'm also looking into getting an MVS when money permits, and the AES has turned into more of a collectors system.

Here's the page for the bios I wrote about: