Duke Nukem

In Other Classic Systems

Ah enough said, one of the 90's great FPS. Unfortunatlely the parentals wouldn't let me have back in the day. Because of the chicks? I don't know but my friend had it and I was at his house all the time. He also had Quake and Wolfenstein.

I enjoyed the game. I don't own it, but I use to play it with my friend all the time on my N64. Its a good game, and though it was great. Doesn't compare to Goldeneye though.

Yah Goldeneye was fecken awesome. especcially with all of the cheat codes.

I prefer the really old Duke Nukems... the ones where it was a sidescrolling shooter type. Those were classics

I never played any of those. what system are they for nintendo?

I own Duke Nukem: Time to Kill for PS1 and I like it.

I haven't played the old Duke Nukems.

Nope. Dos. They were made by Apogee. I strongly suggest you try to download a copy, because they are probably abandonware by now.

I hope I remember my basic DOS commands

Well, you can get a windows/dos version so that it opens in DOS for you. Thats always easy

yah I just got done "googleing" it, and it looks pretty sweet, anything like Contra? (I know I should just hurry up and play it for myself)

Hehe.. you could say it's like Contra... you'll have to see it for yourself. Have fun with it man, those old Duke Nukems are the best IMO.

Actually, if I remember right, his name was Duke NukUm, not Nukem back in the sidescroller days.

Hold on, I'll go confirm this. *Loads up old game*

What do you know, thats odd. Thanks for that little tidbit NES Luke.
While I was looking through my old games, I stumbled upon another Apogee classic. The game is called Bio Menace. Have you guys ever heard of it or played it? If not you should give it a shot. If you like Duke Nukem (or Nukum) you'll definatly want to check Bio Menace out.

Yeah I also know Bio Menace. Apogee had quite some fun games at that time.