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My newest mod!!!

Pretty Nice, But the appearance of the globbed hot glue doesnt add any plus's to the overal appearance. I dont own a DC, so wouldnt know if there would have been enough space to place the glass inside of the lid? Otherwise, NICE WORK DUDE!c

You're right about the hot glue.. I like it cause it's easy to work with and easy to remove if you mess up.. but it looks crappy as hell. All future mods are going to sport super glue or a light coating of rubber cement. As far as the window goes I tried mounting it underneith but the clearance is too small and the CD wouldn't spin. So I had to mount it up top.. Which left me having to leave extra plexi to sit over the window I dremeled out. The only alternative I could think of is to keep grinding down the window till it was exactly the size of the window and file the lid and the plexi at an edge so it's sit flush.. Maybe if I get more time ( after my sega saturn mod ) I'll look into that..

What exactly do you mean by "grinding down" the window? If thats any kind of plastic, it will not be see-through after you take a grinder to it.

Nah you grind the sides with a dremel sandpaper bit.. It'd be silly and pretty useless to grind the top or bottom of the plexi b/c as you mentioned it cease to be a window. As we speak I'm redoing it cause I want it to look right... Looks like my final dreamcast mod wasn't so final after all huh???

Just read my other post and yeah I've been up too long and waaaaay too much coffee... LOL Sorry about that.. I meant file the plexi down until it was the exact size of the lid window that I dremeled out so it would sit flush and not have to sit on top.

That is very nice. It looks great. Nice job.

Hows the Mod coming????

Looks pretty sweet.

Oh yeah.... I never did put the new pics up!

A couple before pics. Here is the fan, it's still there cept the dreamcast is red and I neatened up the wires

Before the paint job and final window

And here I redid the window and added a fan light.

Other side with window lighting.

Nice job.
I like the color.

I just love that fan.

Nice, i wish i had the time to do all my systems... but a pregnant girlfriend/wife doesn't leave you with a lot of time.

Isn't spending time with your wife much more fun than modding consoles?

manuel Posted:

Isn't spending time with your wife much more fun than modding consoles?

You would think so..... no just kidding. Yeah its more fun but we rarely get to spend much (fun) time together.