Goodwill was good to me again.

In Other Classic Systems

I obtained some more cool peices of gaming history. I got these at a Goodwill for only 5 dollars together.
(note:these arent my pics)

a "heavy Sixer" atari 2600. the 1977 original model.

and a speak and spell. Who remembers this?

and a speak and spell. Who remembers this?

E.T. phone home.

That speak and spell looks pretty sweet. I particually like how the buttons for the vowels are a different colour to those of the other letters.

Congrats on your finds!!
The speak and say is Super Cool too! I always wanted one but my parents wouldn't buy me one.
I've got a really cool thing like a speak and say now though. It's a green worm that has the letters of the alphabet on both sides. It's extra cool because the company recalled it after children were making the worm swear (I of course never returned mine). It's funny to hear it say " F*ck and Sh*t and J*z).

I've seen one of those. those are cool. but unfortunately my little cousin may have had the censored ones so they dont have the syllablic pronunciation of them.