Why bother asking you guys?

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It's kinda like asking a crackhead if he'd like some more rock...

I saw a Japanese 3DO in a thrift store out in town for around $30, think I should get it? Do they have regional lock outs?

I also saw a "gameboy camera", no idea how much it's going for is it rare / fun or anything?

I'd grab the 3DO for sure, but you already knew to expect that answer. the Gameboy Camera can be moderately fun, just don't expect any crazy high-res shots with it. People like to hack around with gameboy accessories a lot, and as I recall, the camera is one of the favorites.

EDIT: I did a VERY little bit of digging, but everything is saying that the 3DO has NO region lockout at all.

Grab the 3DO and the camera, it's really fun.
It's fun, because the resolution is low and the pics are crappy.

oh! and dont forget theres no colour from those cameras! :D
*phreak97 imagines himself as a low resolution black and white dot-matrix image

grab the 3do without a doubt 3do is awesome gotta play star control 2!!!

at Game exchange we went through pics on one GB camera, and it was some chick Kissing and Higging a dog.

The gameboy camera is a favorite of mine, definetly get it. As for the 3DO thats a good buy.