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Does anybody know where i can get a TurboGrafx 16 emulator?

And some NES ROMs too...


This best TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine emulator out there is .
Great GUI, runs perfect.
The biggest problem is it's not free (I don't know where to find the "full version" at either).

For NES ROMs, ZombieHunterX's site has just about all the Hu-card games.

Hey Nes-guy, I can email you a little file called "PCE-Key", it's a crack file for Magic Engine that makes it beleive you've paid for it, has been working fine for me for two years. Got it off a russian emu site, took me forever to find. Let me know if you want it, just drop it in the Magic Engine directory and your good to go. As far as NES ROMs, go over to Emuasylum.com. They are back up running strong and have pretty much anything you can dream of rom wise.

PCE.key only works up to version 0.9.9 or so, so it won't work with the latest version.

I'm running the version found and it works beautifully.

Well, I haven't really messed with it in a long time. Do you still have to pay on the new version?

yes, the newest version of magic engine still has the 5 minute limit.

Ah....well, I'm glad I have the old version then cause the words "pay" or "limit" don't work well for me,lol. I think on whatever version I have there's only two games that don't work just right. Had a little trouble getting it to stay stable on a 27" screen too..but then I found the TV mode command and it straightened right up. Too bad NEC couldn't compete, there were some good games on there. Think my faves are the Bonk series and Slaughterhouse.

You guys should try Hu-Go. It's a multiplatform emulator that can run NES ROMs and play cd's.

Lords of Thunder pwns everything!!

Hu-Go is a terrible emulator. 90% of the times I've tried to use it, it doesn't even install properly.