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I dont know if you guys know this but the same guy who invented Pong started Chuck E Chees' (or however you spell it) and now he started another restraunt chain. Its going to be like video games/food.

Here's an article:

I actually laughed at this:

When I beat those three games that I posted earlier on The Conquered Games thread, I was wearing my underwear! haha

EDIT: Fixed the link... man I'm lame

Yea, isn't he the owner of Atari? one of my Game Informer Magazines says he made videogames on accident involving somthing to do with space.

You gotta give it to this guy... his ideas are tired, but he won't quit trying!

Is this old guy senile or high? We should have a poll!

Whoa! Jobs and Wozniak used to work for Nolan Bushnell? That's news to me.

I liked the last paragraph on page three. Really summed up his whole dream environment for human social interaction quite nicely (and accurately).

I like 'Pong' too but it does kind of get old after a while (plus it makes a really lousy "single player" game).

i read somewhere that an old guy, and i mean OLD guy invented Pong on accident while working on something for the military or some shit.... this guy did it somewhere around the 50s.... and he had to be in his 50s or 60s.... there were pictures in the article and everything. but i read it so long ago i can't remember what site it was on or what the article was called or anything. either way, i don't think Bushnell invented Pong