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Ive heard of this before, but never seen one. Man its going for a lot of money.

Oh man, I would kill for that. (Unfortunately, I don't have the money.) It's got a pretty nifty game collection, too. Neo Geo systems were very cool. I was crushed when they stopped making games for the Neo Geo Pocket Color... that thing kicked the crap out of the game boy. (In my humble opinion.)

Samurai Shodown! Awesome!

I'd never even heard of that
Only of the pocket version, but that does look really quite cool

That is the rare (and failed) Neo*Geo CD-Rom system. It was SNK's follow up to their original Neo*Geo cartridge based console released a few years prior.

The problem with the Neo*Geo cartridge system is that the games were too expensive for that casual gamer ($100-250 per game), because they contained the same chipboard that were found in SNK's arcade games.
The CD-Rom system was developed so they could cut the cost of games considerably, but the CD processor was very slow and resulted in the longest "load times" in game history. The system ultimately failed.
Now it is a piece of collection history.

though it did have a successor with a faster CD-ROM drive, and more cache to improve the load times. But the cost wasn't much reduced on the console itself, so it suffered from the same sale problems.