I obtained a peice of uber coolness..

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I was at a Goodwill Thrift store, and I was looking around and I obtained the FIRST ever game system. A vintage 1975 Pong machine from Atari.

you Hook it up the TV, and just rock on!

Thats a great find. Your owning a great piece of gaming history there. Does it work good?

the RF box it came with was a piece of shit, so I used the one from my atari2600. It works nicely. but what's weird is, it plays in
hear me?

Actually, Magnovox's "Odyssey 1" from 1972 was the first ever home game console, but it didn't have color or sound. It also didn't even keep score (how lame).

Atari "Pong" was the first to have that stuff. It certainly is uber coolNES.


I have a Super Pong system, though I don't play it very often. It has four different modes, and looks pretty much the same:

I think I've posted that pic before, but it deserves it again for such a thread! This one has the RF built into it, so it just has this long cord coming out of the back of it... and I mean it is lllllooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnggggg!

Good find on that system, I definitely want to get my hands on one someday!

Ive played atari an all but never one of the oldies with the knobs. I have to try that sometime. So does it just plug into a special tv? Or any computer..

It's just your basic RF Hook up. Just plugs into a TV the way you Hook your cable up to it.

By the way, I had just woke up when I posted about Super Pong... the RF isn't built in... I have NO clue what the hell I was posting!!!

This is, or at least was, my Pong system. I lent it to a friend, and his friend broke it when he was drunk (tripped or something...)Anyhow I have to resolder and build a new box and...right now just ain't the greatest time for that. However, these suckers are awesome, they have a much huger following than any other game I've played, take one out and Hook it up and thirty and fourty-somethings wanna take on us young whippersnappers who don't know jack about what a real game is.

Hey EvilNES, Goodwill was also good to me in Hooking me up with my first pong game. Ain't secondhand lovely?

quite, sir. quite.
Goodwill gave me half of my controllers, 5%of my NES collection, 45% of my atari collection, and loads of records. mmmmm.

ive gotten some good stuff at the salvation army. i got a vic20,2600jr.,trs-80,i still find boxed stuff. i just found like a week ago a boxed micriovision for $1 brandnew never used! first hand held game never held

When I get my Paycheck I'm going to Goodwill or a store like that and see if I see any Video Game systems there!

The salivation armies around my area carry countless monitors from the mid and late 90's. Barely any NES Games, though...