With the Wii out, what about a GCN area?

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Does anyone know if the forums will induct GCN under the systems forum tray now that Wii is the modern Nintendo system? I know its hard to give it "classic" status like Nes, SNES, and 64 since it lacked good games, but it's still apart of Nintendo.

Also do you guys know if they will designate a Wii forum?

You mean here on nesfiles forums?
I don't think it would make sense to make a sub-forum for Gamecube or Wii. The reason: this place is practically dead. There seems to be some problems with the code on the site, so I (maybe the other admins, too) don't get registration emails any more, this means I cannot activate new members any more. There are only 4 or 5 people left who visit this place regularly.
This place isn't much fun any more (what it used to be in the first year...)

Maybe I'll start my own forums and make it a place where the owner actually CARES about his forums.

thats the tricky part of any forum, people love to have fun organizeing it and making the post ranks and special rewards and how nice or cool the forum looks, but its much harder then that. Not only do you have to make it look like the place to be, but you need to KEEP it that way. Thats why I gave up within my 3rd month of using invisionfree.com forums.

Yea its a shame this place used to kickass. I remember not logging in for a day and coming back to 25+ new posts. Now we're lucky to get that many in a month..

But yea, if we had a huge volume of posts to sort through I could see making a Wii dedicated section. But since we don't its good the way it is.